The Bashing
President Obama & His Presidency

By the Right-Wing Hate Machine
Trying to Disguise Their Racism, Hatred & Bigotry as Political Ideology

2008 thru 2016

UPDATED: January 2017
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Race and Racism in the Time of Obama
Perhaps Barack Obama's greatest gift to the country has been the grace, dignity and courage with which he has endured explicit and implicit bigotry and racism. If only we could accept his gift with similar grace and dignity and a renewed commitment to make this kind of courage unnecessary.

About Those "Factual" Chain Emails About Obama Politifact Chart

How Irrational Racist Hatred For Obama Will Destroy The GOP
Six years they've been telling us Obama is going to destroy America.
And every year it gets louder and more shrill and more strident and more panicked and more desperately insane.

(From August 2014)


A Preview

In June 2014 Glenn Beck said Obama About To Snap, Put Conservatives Into Internment Camps

In June 2015 Beck Said Obamas Hate America Because They 'Answer To The Man'

In March 2016 Beck said 'God Help Us All': America Is Doomed And Obama Is A Communist Puppet

Then in August 2016, Beck throws out a massive insult, in essence blaming Obama for Beck's own racism: Obama's Failure To Fix Race Relations 'Will Go Down As The Biggest Missed Opportunity' In American History

And a month later, he throws out this racial slur: Obama Hates America Because He Grew Up Overseas 'With A Monkey And A Parrot'

Then, a month after that, he doubles down on blaming Obama for not fixing race relations: Obama's Failure To Solve All Our Racial Problems Is The Biggest Missed Opportunity In World History

And in between, Rand Paul jumps on the 'blame-Obama-for-not-fixing-racism' bandwagon and blames him for the huge spike in racism:
Obama Should Have Moved Us 'Beyond Race' But Race Relations Have 'Gotten Worse'

What Now, Teabaggers?
President Obama Descended From 14 Revolutionary War Veterans
Which Makes Him More American than
...Pretty Much Anyone.

Some Interesting Comments

Why Were Conservatives Okay With Government Up Until Five Years Ago?

Not a Coincidence That President Who Drives Tea Party Crazy Is Black

Fox's The Five Gets Briefly Introspective: Obama 'Can't Win with Us'

Iran Letter Shows GOP 'Obsessed' with Undermining Obama

GOP agenda this week: Paint Obama as incompetent

Fox's Kurtz to O'Reilly: Press Turning on Obama Because It's 'In Thing to Do'

[Republican] Scarborough Tears into GOP: Obama's Doing What You Want, But All You Do Is Criticize

Yes, Republicans Really Are Unprecedented in Their Obstructionism

PolitiFact: Juan Williams Was Right About Older White GOPers Pushing Impeachment

"This Presidency Has Been Stifled At Every Angle"

Top House Republican: GOP Can't Sue Obama, Then Ask Him To Act On Border

[Republican] Buchanan: Odd the Neocons Are Blaming Obama For Iraq And Not Bush or Cheney

Former Bush Official Blasts GOP On Bergdahl: Bush Would Have Done The Same Thing

CNN's Bash to Boehner: How Do You Expect Obama to Trust You?

Fox Analyst: VA Not All Obama's Fault, Where Was Outrage Under Bush?

The Veterans Affairs Scandal Was Decades in the Making - Yes, you should be angry. But at whom?

"Not Realistic" To Believe Obama's Race Not An Issue For Republicans
I would say that if there's anyone that believes that the color of the president is not an issue with those people who adamantly oppose him, they're not realistic. It is unfortunate. Afterall, he did get elected. But all it takes is a group, they call themselves the Tea Party, to be able to impede the good Republicans from cooperating the way they should with Democrats so that at the end of the day the country succeeds, but if you notice whenever this group gets together against Obama the confederate flag is there with them.

What Today's Racists Are Really Afraid Of

Thomas Jefferson's letter to John Holmes, April 22, 1820, speaking of SLAVERY:
... as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.

GOP's Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of Inauguration

As President Barack Obama was celebrating his [2008] inauguration at various balls, top Republican lawmakers and strategists were conjuring up ways to submarine his presidency at a private dinner in Washington. ...the guest list that night (which was just over 15 people in total) included Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and Frank Luntz, the long-time Republican wordsmith.

John Boehner's Monster: How Irrational Racist Hatred For Obama Will Destroy The GOP
[For] Six years they've been telling us Obama is going to destroy America.
And every year it gets louder and more shrill and more strident and more panicked and more desperately insane.

Who killed Washington? Republicans caught red-handed

Obama Scandal

Lindsey Graham: 'No Doubt' Obama Loves America, But He's Divided It - Sorry, Graham. You're Half Wrong!! The right-wing hate machine used Obama's color and name to divide America.

Bernie Goldberg To O'Reilly:
Obama Could 'Literally' Cure Cancer And GOP Would Still Hate Him

obama and dictators

GOP's Unprecedented Obstruction of Obama's Judges Began in 2009

Studies prove linkage between racism and seething hot hatred of Obama

American Anger Report: It's All About Republican Hatred of Obama

New Documentary Exposes the Shocking Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism Since Obama's Election in 2008 (Video)

A Question of Racism - What's behind the vitriol in the opposition to Obama?

obama and dictators

Obama and Trump racism

American crossroads: Reagan, Trump and the devil down south
How the Republican party's dog-whistle appeal to racism, refined by Richard Nixon and perfected by Ronald Reagan, led inexorably to Donald Trump

How Trump Happened
You can draw a direct line to the rise of Trump from the racial hysteria of talk radio.

And to think that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus had the gall to
demand that President Barack Obama stop spreading HIS
"culture of hatred"

when his own Party has done nothing but spread hatred since Obama was elected.

Then others jumped in:
Why Can't Obama Work with Opposition When Other Presidents Could?
Why Doesn't Obama Spend Time Building Partnerships With Republicans?

They have the audacity to say and asked these things when they've done absolutely nothing but
Bash Obama With Racism, Bigotry, Hatred and In-Humane Insults
on an Average of 1+ per week for 8 years?

(Approx. 565 Times)

And since his wife and daughters were considered 'OK' targets as well, can you
Imagine Fox News' Reaction to Bristol [Palin] Pregnancy if She Were Obama's Daughter

And When Did It Become "OK" To Attack First Lady & Children?

Answer: When They're Black!!!

(General Order: Latest to Oldest - Jump to before 2008 election or before 2009 swear-in at bottom)

  1. Santorum: 'Obama One Of The Most Vindictive Presidents'
  2. With only eleven days left in office, this can only be described as "You've got to be kidding me"!!!!! Larry Klayman, Who Called For Anti-Obama Coup, Accuses Obama Of Organizing A Coup
  3. Josh Bernstein: Congress Should Completely Nullify Obama's 'Illegal' Presidency
  4. The Women On The Fox Couch Say Obama's A Commie
  5. Trump Ally Carl Paladino Slammed for 'Racist' Wish List for Obamas
  6. The Persecution Myth That Will Never Die
  7. Alex Jones: Obama Birth Certificate Is A False Flag To Divert From Obama's (Non-existent) Islamic Ring
  8. Alex Jones: Obama And CIA May Assassinate Trump
  9. Fox News 'Democrat' Pre-Blames Obama For Any ISIS Attacks On Trump's Watch
  10. GOPers Jump On Claim Obama Urged Undocumented Immigrants To Vote
  11. Larry Pratt: Obama Has The Same Objective As Hitler
  12. Trump just keeps lying about Obama 'screaming' at a protester
  13. 2 fans dressed up as Obama in a noose for the Wisconsin football game. They were allowed to stay.
  14. Totally not racist Sean Hannity offers to buy President Obama and family one-way tickets to Kenya
  15. Michael Savage: Obama Is Using Beyoncé To Destroy Civilization
  16. Bill Federer: Syrian Refugees May Be Part Of Plot To Spark Violence, Impose Martial Law
  17. Trump Blames Obama For Brexit Vote, Says He Predicted It
  18. James Dobson: Obama's Transgender Rights Guidelines Are An Effort To Sow Chaos And Impose Tyranny
  19. Pat Robertson: Obama 'Brought Muslim Brotherhood To Inner Circles Of Our Government'
  20. McCain Blames Obama for Afghanistan War He Declared Won in 2003
  21. Wayne LaPierre: Obama Has Attacked Gun Owners 'Harder Than He Attacked ISIS'
  22. Michele Bachmann: Obama And Hillary Have Switched Sides And Support Islamic Terrorism
  23. Tancredo: Obama Possibly A Muslim, 'Hates The America You And I Love'
  24. O'Reilly Claims Obama Has 'Deep Emotional Ties To Islam'
  25. Director of the National Association of Police Organizations, blames Obama and BLM for 'War on Cops'
  26. Deadbeat Dad Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh Vents His Anger [at Obama] On CNN
  27. President Obama's Remarks On Dallas Shooting Just 'Too Black' For Fox News
  28. Why would Republicans think Obama is a Muslim?
  29. Fox News: President Obama Sees Things Through Eyes Of An 'Aggrieved Black Activist'
  30. Larry Klayman Suing Obama For Endangering His Life As A White Man
  31. Joseph Farah Blames Obama's Gun Stance For Castile And Sterling Shootings
  32. Rep. Glenn Grothman: 'Race Relations Were Very Good' Until Obama Took Office
  33. Klayman: 'Muslim-In-Chief' Obama Treats Whites As 'Inferior'
  34. Trump Blames Obama For Racial Tension: There's 'Something Going On'
  35. Trump Suggests Obama's Body Language Reveals Secret Agenda Against Police
  36. Everything You Need To Know About The Republican Party's Recalcitrance, In One Chart
  37. John McCain: Obama 'Allowed' Nice Attack To 'Happen'
  38. Soap Star And RNC Speaker Thinks Obama Is Muslim, From The Middle East
  39. GOP Rep.: Obama Reaped 'What He Has Sowed' In Dallas Shooting
  40. Fox News Guest Accuses Obama Of Having 'Blood On His Hands' In Baton Rouge Shooting
  41. Kansas Lawmaker Blames Obama For Anger At Police In Light Of Fatal Shooting
  42. Yay! Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Going To Find The Real Birth Certificate This Time!
  43. Tom DeLay: Obama Has 'Blood On His Hands'
  44. Good news! Right wing doesn't think Barack Obama can pull off his coup
  45. Police Chief Asked To Resign After Profanity-Laced Post Regarding Obama
  46. Wayne Allyn Root: Obama's DNC Speech 'Could Have Been Written By Lucifer Himself' And 'Delivered By The Anti-Christ'
  47. GOP Rep. Suggests $400M Payment Shows Obama Is Secret Agent For Iran
  48. William Gheen: Obama Administration-Backed Socialists Will Rig The Election
  49. WHAT? Oliver 'Iran-Contra' North Says OBAMA Gives Iran 'Whatever They Want'
  50. Yet another Trump campaigner insists the sitting president is a secret Muslim
  51. Right-Wing Pastor: Satan Is Staging A 'Homosexual Invasion' From The White House
  52. Larry Klayman: 'Traitor' Obama Would Have Been Impeached By Now If He Weren't Black
  53. Really? Fox's Eric Bolling Says George Bush Killed Bin Laden
  54. Joseph Farah: Obama May Seek Third Term By Indicting Hillary
  55. Lewandowski Revives Birther Conspiracy Theory About Obama
  56. GOP Sen. Smears Obama As 'Drug Dealer In Chief' For $400M Iran Payment
  57. McConnell: Zika is President Obama's fault because Obamacare
  58. Bachmann: Obama Has 'Sanctioned' Violence Against Conservatives, White People
  59. Alex Jones: 'Flies Landing On' Obama Prove He's Satanic
  60. Fox News Trots Out Michael 'Heckuva Job' Brown To Attack Obama's Response To Floods In Louisiana
  61. Eric Trump Claims Dad Running Because Of Nonexistent National 'Holiday' Tree
  62. Sandy Rios Wonders If Obama Will Try To Reverse Trump Victory By Blaming Russian Hackers
  63. Michael Savage: Obama Will Steal The Election From Trump
  64. True The Vote Wonders If Obama Orchestrated Hack In Order To Take Over Elections
  65. Michael Savage: Obama's 'Murderous Gang' Tried To Assassinate Putin
  66. Donald Trump accuses President Obama of bribing an attorney general to investigate Trump University
  67. Trump: Obama is the founder of ISIS! I'm serious. MVP! I mean it! Completely serious! Just kidding!
  68. Joseph Farah Hints Obama Might Not Leave Office If Trump Is Elected
  69. Bryan Fischer: $400 Million Payment To Iran Is 'Our Sharia Compliant President Paying A Jizya Tax'
  70. Trump New York Co-Chair Says 'There Is No Doubt' Obama Is Muslim
  71. WorldNetDaily Once Again Warns Of Obama Extending His Time In Office
  72. Ted Nugent: Obama 'Is The Biggest Racist In America'
  73. Bryan Fischer: Obama Is Giving Away The Internet Because He Hates America
  74. Todd Starnes: Liberals 'Hate America' And Obama Doesn't Like Us
  75. Steve Quayle: Maybe A 'Made-up Epidemic' Will Postpone The Election
  76. Michael Savage: Obama Is 'The New Leader Of The Caliphate'
  77. GOP Senate Candidate Claimed Obama Interfered With FBI's Investigation Into Orlando Shooter
  78. Ex-Rep. Paul Broun: President Obama Is A 'Domestic Enemy'
  79. Rick Wiles: President Trump Will Uncover The Truth About Obama's Birth Certificate
  80. Pat Robertson: 'Radical Socialist' Obama Will Bring 'Death To This Country'
  81. Sheriff Arpaio Still Insists Obama's Birth Certificate Was 'Forged'
  82. Trump Campaign Chair In Ohio: 'There Was No Racism Before Obama' UPDATE: She's Resigned.
  83. Tom DeLay: Obama Will 'Go Down As The Worst President That Has Ever Served This Nation'
  84. Hannity And Giuliani Blame Charlotte Unrest On Barack Obama
  85. Rick Joyner: Many People Say Obama Is A Secret Muslim Using Taqiyya
  86. Stop Worrying! Obama Has A Scheme To Throw The Election To The Dems
  87. Gen. Flynn: Not Sure Who U.S. Is Fighting Because Obama Won't Say 'Radical Islam'
  88. True The Vote Founder: Obama Administration Intentionally Signing Up Noncitizen Voters
  89. Rick Wiles: Nuclear War And Mass Arrest Of Obama Opponents Is Imminent
  90. How Ronald Reagan zapped a recession with massive government spending which GOP Congress refused to grant Obama.
  91. Louie Gohmert: US Killed Al-Awlaki To Cover Up 'All The Different People He Worked With In The Administration'
  92. Dick Cheney Blames President Obama For His Mess In WSJ Op-Ed
  93. Deplorable Alex Jones On Obama: 'He's The Devil With A Brown Face Sent To Screw You'
  94. Robert Maginnis: Obama Has A 'More Islamic' Worldview
  95. Donald Trump: Many People Say Obama 'Has Declared A War On Catholics'
  96. LePage Calls Obama A 'Dictator' While Cleaning Up 'Authoritarian' Comments
  97. Jim Bakker Blames Hurricane Matthew On Obama
  98. How The Far-Right Media Learned To Love Obama's Half-Brother: A Story In 14 WorldNetDaily Headlines
  99. McCain: Obama's policies 'directly responsible' for Orlando shooting
  100. Paranoia-Rama: Obama Did 9/11
  101. Daily Caller breaks year's biggest story: Barack Obama is within 1,096 feet of bein' a Muslim
  102. Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories [About Obama]
    • Birtherism
    • Bill Ayers Wrote 'Dreams From My Father'
    • Hawaii Official Was Murdered In Birth Certificate Cover-up
    • Obama Was 'Born Barry Soetero'
    • Obama Never Attended Columbia
    • Obama May Start A War To Win Re-election
    • Obama Is Persecuting Me
    • Obama Will Target Conservative Websites
    • Obama Doesn't Want To Fight Terrorism
    • Obama Wears An Arabic Ring
    • Obama Is Aiding ISIS
    • Obama Is A Muslim
    • Was Scalia Murdered?
    • Syrian Refugees Only Sent To GOP-led States
    • Syrian Refugees In U.S. To Number 250,000
    • Syrian Refugees Are Part Of Evil Plot
    • Obama Wants To Take The Guns
    • Obama Manipulated Immigration Numbers
    • Obama Won With Voter Fraud
    • Obama Lying About Health Insurance Figures
    • Obama Made A Deal With Saudi Arabia To Win Re-election
    • Cover-up Of 42 Percent Unemployment Rate
  103. Obama Has Been The Greatest Promoter Of 'Moral Evil' Of Any President In History
  104. Obama 'Has Been The Most Offensive Attack Against Christianity In The History Of The United States'
  105. Senator David Perdue Wants Supporters To Pray For Obama's Days To 'Be Few'
  106. Trump Suggests Obama May Secretly Be Working with Muslim Terrorists
  107. Newt Gingrich: 'How Many Americans Have To Die Before Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Tell The Truth'
  108. 7 Other Times Donald Trump Suggested Obama Is A Secret Muslim And Terrorist Sympathizer
    • 'Maybe He Doesn't Want To Get Rid Of The Problem'
    • Obama Is Arming ISIS
    • Maybe It Says 'Muslim' On His Birth Certificate
    • Obama's 'Arabic' Ring
    • Madonna Knows The Truth!
    • Scalia Funeral
    • 'There's Something We Don't Know About'
  109. Convicted Criminal and Former GOP US Congressman Tom DeLay: Obama Is A Communist 'Muslim Sympathizer' Who 'Hates America'
  110. Savage: Obama Planting Potential Terrorists In Republican Neighborhoods
  111. Scott Baio Suggests Obama Is A Muslim Who Wants To 'Totally Eliminate The United States'
  112. Michael Savage: 'Madman' Obama Must Be Impeached For Inviting 'Barbaric Invasion'
  113. 'Obama Was Known To Be A Homosexual In Chicago With Rahm Emanuel'
  114. Perkins: Obama Fosters Environment For Terrorism In America
  115. Tony Perkins: Obama Making 'Willful' Effort To Endanger Americans
  116. Todd Starnes: Obama Is 'Apologist-In-Chief' For Islam Rather Than Commander-In-Chief
  117. NRA: Obama's 'Political Correctness' Let Orlando Shooting Happen
  118. Donald Trump Calls Obama Complicit in Orlando Shooting, Escalating Years of Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
  119. Alex Jones: Orlando Attack Was A False Flag
  120. Trump Says Obama Is Probably a Secret ISIS Mole or Something
  121. Fox's Tucker Carlson Blames Obama's 'Relentless Lying' For Orlando Nightclub Shooting
  122. Obama Reared Since High School To 'Invade America'
  123. 'We Are Living The Milgrim Experiment': Glenn Beck Blames Obama For Nasty Facebook Comments
  124. Manning: Obama Will Stay In Power By Stoking Race War
  125. Sarah Palin assails Obama for Hiroshima visit
  126. Colorado GOP Official Compares Obama To A Chimp
  127. Daubenmire: Obama Is The Devil's Son
  128. Trump's Butler Writes That Obama Should've Been Shot In His First Term
  129. Obama caused the rise of Trump, says the founder of a $53 billion investment firm
  130. Fox & Friends Attacks Obama For Making The Bison The National Mammal
  131. Rick Wiles: Obama And Satan Will 'Rape Your Children'
  132. Tony Perkins: Obama Wants Us To 'Surrender Our Children'
  133. Obama is 'this animal we call president,' says the Donald Trump of Florida politics
  134. Perkins: Gov't Employees Viewing Porn Because Obama 'Has Interjected Sex Into Any And Everything'
  135. Fox Hosts Attack Obama's Trip To Hiroshima: 'He's Ashamed Of America'
  136. Bill O'Reilly Blames Black Crime In Chicago On Obama's 'Passive Racism'
  137. Obama Using Immigration To Build A 'Full-Blown Police State'
  138. Obama Is Waging White Genocide
  139. Republicans' Cynical Move To Blame Obamacare For The Country's Drug Addiction Epidemic
  140. If Americans Followed Obama, The Koran Would Be The State Book Of Tennessee
  141. Racist Trump Supporter Arrested For Threats Against Obama Had Pipe Bombs, Weapons
  142. Donald Trump: Maybe Obama Doesn't Want To Stop Terrorism
  143. Roger Stone Fears An Assassination Attempt On Obama To Stop The Elections
  144. Obama Is 'A Demonic Creature' Because There Are 'Flies Always Landing On Him'
  145. Pamela Geller: Obama Is Enforcing Sharia
  146. Kris Kobach Dips Into Trump's Racist Well, Agrees That Obama's Not A Citizen
  147. Cruz Advisers: Obama Using 'White Privilege And Nonsense Like That' To Weaken The Military
  148. Fox Host Recalls The Good Old Days When They United Around Hating Obama
  149. Guess Who Else Made Time For Baseball After a Terrorist Attack? (Hint: It Was Ronald Reagan)
  150. If People Really Want to Talk About the Obama Girls' State Dinner Dre$$es, Let's Talk
  151. Steve King Admits The Supreme Court Blockade Is All About Politics
  152. Meghan McCain Has No Excuse For Trump, So She Blames Obama
  153. Fox Guest Accuses Obama Of 'Romanticizing' Islam Because Of His 'Indonesian Childhood'
  154. Former CIA Director: Obama Thinks Brussels Attack Was 'Not That Big a Deal'
  155. Alex Jones Proves Obama Is Demonic: A Fly Once Landed On Him
  156. Rick Wiles: 'Antichrist' Obama Is The True Leader Of ISIS
  157. Cruz Gun Adviser: Obama Nominated Garland To 'Ruin The Second Amendment And Destroy This Country'
  158. Connecticut Republican Party Posts Fake Obama Photo To Warn He'll Ban Newspapers
  159. Michele Bachmann Says God Sent Brussels Attacks to Humiliate Obama
  160. The latest conservative meltdown is over this picture
  161. Larry Pratt: Obama 'Hates America The Way Muslims Do'
  162. Huckabee's Daughter Tries To Defend Trump's Violence Inciting Rhetoric By Blaming Obama
  163. Grassley: 'If I Can Meet With A Dictator,' I Can Meet With Garland
  164. Todd Starnes Blames Obama For The Violence At Donald Trump Rallies
  165. Even threatening Obama's nominee's: Cornyn to SCOTUS nominees: 'Nice legal career you have there. Shame if something happened to it.'
  166. GOP Senator: Of Course We'd Consider SCOTUS Nom If Obama Were Republican!
  167. Louie Gohmert: Obama's 'Hate Crimes' Against Christians Invite God's Judgment
  168. RNC joins Senate Republicans in promise to destroy the future of any Obama SCOTUS nominee
  169. Open Carry Texas Founder Plans To Bring Rifle To Obama's SXSW Speech, Says 'This May Get Interesting'
  170. Michael Savage: Obama Hired A 2K A Day Hooker To Murder Scalia
  171. Michael Savage: Media Covering Up Obama's Murder Of Antonin Scalia
  172. Bobby Jindal Blames President Obama For Donald Trump's Rise
  173. Rick Joyner Speculates The Scalia Was Murdered And Warns That America Is Heading For Civil War
  174. Republicans abandon all pretense of respecting President Obama, refuse to hear his budget proposal
  175. Mitch McConnell: 'Not a snowball's chance in hell' of an Obama nominee on the Supreme Court
  176. Tony Perkins: Obama's 'Cultural Time Bombs' Will Destroy America
  177. Larry Klayman: Obama Might Stay In Power Indefinitely
  178. 'Voter Fraud' Alarmists Claim Obama Wants Noncitizens To Vote
  179. GOP Refuses To Meet With Obama On SCOTUS, But Obama's The 'Divisive' One!
  180. Supreme Court Snub Is Ultimate Delegitimization Of First Black President
  181. Right-Wing Activists Suggest Obama Killed Scalia To Impose Martial Law
  182. How Republicans turned the unprecedented into the new normal
  183. Five Conservatives Who Think Obama Murdered Scalia
  184. 'All Is Lost': Michael Savage Has Meltdown Suggesting Obama Killed Scalia
  185. Former Rep. Joe Walsh: Obama Is An 'Arrogant, Immature, Anti-American Ass!'
  186. Michael Savage: 'It's The End Of The World' If Obama Appoints A New Justice To The Supreme Court
  187. GOP's Unprecedented Obstruction of Obama's Judges Began in 2009
  188. Ex-GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Asks If Obama's Skipping Scalia Funeral Because He's White
  189. Far-Right Pundit: Obama To 'Starve Americans Into FEMA Camps' After Murdering Scalia
  190. Scott Lively: Obama Orchestrated Coup In Ukraine To Prevent Russian-Style Anti-Gay Laws From Sweeping The World
  191. Surprise! Tony Perkins Lies About Obama's Response To Scalia's Death
  192. Rick Wiles: Obama Killed Scalia As A Pagan Human Sacrifice
  193. Ryan: Our Incompetence Is All Obama's Fault!
  194. Alex Jones: Obama Murdered Justice Scalia And Donald Trump Is Next
  195. With a majority of 65 million-plus people voting Obama into office, McConnell: Obama Shouldn't Name Scalia's Successor Because He Doesn't Represent 'The American People'
  196. SCOTUS Not Even Pretending Anymore
  197. Listen To Michele Bachmann Discuss Whether Obama Is The Antichrist
  198. Poll: 61 percent of Americans support Obama's immigration orders as long as they're not Obama's
  199. Rick Wiles Prays Obama Will Be Ousted And Sent To Prison
  200. Ignoring that Bush II did the same thing, Fox Guest Suggests Obama Is Promoting Terrorism By Visiting Baltimore Mosque
  201. Michele Bachmann: Obama Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches
  202. Ted Cruz Forgets To Sign Up For Health Insurance, Blames Obamacare
  203. Herman Cain And Fox Slam Obama's First US Mosque Visit As 'Kissy-Kissy With The Muslim Brotherhood'
  204. Ignoring 7 years of promoting their own racism, Congressman: Obama 'The Most Racially-Divisive President' Since Slavery
  205. Obama administration vacancies grow thanks to Republican Senate
  206. GOPer Dave Brat Attacks Obama For Citing Bible, Says Right 'Owns The Tradition' Of Christian Love
  207. Paul Ryan says Obama's State of the Union 'degrades the presidency'
  208. Rafael Cruz: Obama Ushering In 'The Destruction Of America'
  209. Poll: Obama's Immigration Policy Is Popular -- Especially When He's Not Named
  210. Gohmert: Clinton Backing Obama's Agenda Because Otherwise He'll Indict Her
  211. Ted Nugent Wants Obama Executed: 'He's The Enemy Of America'
  212. Rick Wiles: Prepare For UN Invasion Of America
  213. Stacey Dash Blames Obama For Lack Of Racial Diversity In Hollywood
  214. Homeowner Admits That, Yes, His 'N*gger Obama' Sign Is A Little Racist
  215. Palin Appears To Blame Her Son's Domestic Violence Arrest On PTSD, Obama
  216. How The Threats Against Obama Have Evolved
  217. What did Republican lawmakers hate about President Obama's State of the Union address?
  218. Proof That Right-Wingers are Stupid: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Obama’s Foreign Policy Until They Find Out HE’S Behind It
  219. Everything the GOP believes in is a conspiracy theory
  220. Fox's John Bolton Complains Americans Freed From Iran Is 'Diplomatic Debacle' For The US
  221. On A Triumphant Day For American Diplomacy, Republicans Criticize Obama
  222. Marco Rubio Pushes Conspiracy Theory On Obama And Guns
  223. RNC's Dave Agema: 'Obama Uses Taqiyya' And Is A 'Socialist Dictator'
  224. Sandy Rios: Pray That Obama Won't Seize Total Power
  225. Oath Keepers Head: Obama Wants 'Dead Cops' In Oregon Standoff
  226. Rep. Mike Pompeo Urges Military To Defy Obama On Gitmo Closure
  227. Republican politicos put terror investigation at risk in effort to take shot at Obama
  228. Conservatives: No more Obama nominees
  229. Alex Jones: Secret Muslim Obama Is 'At War With America'
  230. Rick Wiles: U.S. Government Will Side With Terrorists In Coordinated Attack On America
  231. Alex Jones: Gun Owners Will Be Forced Into Ghettos And Rounded Up Like Jews In Nazi Germany
  232. Ted Cruz Worries That Obama Will Chisel Crosses Off Arlington Headstones
  233. Ryan On Obama's Tears [about 20 murdered children]: He Should've Cried For Islamic State Attacks
  234. Paul Ryan slams Obama for being 'distracted' by murdered children
  235. Alex Jones: 'Obama Is A Hardcore Wahhabist; He Is Al-Qaeda'
  236. Retired General Predicts Obama Will Start Killing US Soldiers
  237. Rick Wiles: Obama Cried At Gun Violence Press Conference Because 'He's So Happy' To Be Starting A Civil War
  238. Fischer: Obama's Gun Control Efforts Aimed At Preventing Climate Change Deniers From Owning Guns
  239. Cruz Campaign Promotes Video By Radical Birther Who Thinks Obama Got A Nose Job To Hide His Real Father
  240. Republicans suddenly turn against 'enforcing existing law' on guns, because Obama
  241. Ted Cruz: Obama Is Putting On Commando Gear And Coming For Your Guns
  242. Alex Jones: Militia Seizure Of Federal Building May Be Martial Law Plot
  243. Trump models GOP's cautious response to Obama's gun actions: 'Soon, you won't be able to buy guns'
  244. Tucker Carlson Gripes That Obama Did Not Consult NRA Over Executive Order On Background Checks
  245. 4 Things That Were Supposed To Happen By 2016 Because Obama Was Reelected
  246. Louie Gohmert: Obama Importing Terrorists To Justify Gun Control Laws
  247. World Net Daily Columnist: Obama Is Muslim Of The Year
  248. Wisconsin Mayor Calls Obama A Muslim, Blames Him For Everything
  249. Kris Kobach Wonders If Obama Is Using Syria Conflict 'As a Pretense For Opening The Door to Radical Islam'
  250. Jeb! Bush says Donald Trump is Barack Obama's fault, somehow
  251. Obama really wants to make America a place where god-fearing white people are pushed out so the country can be darker and more dangerous.
  252. Wisconsin Mayor Says 'Muslim' Obama Has 'Destroyed Fabric Of Democracy'
  253. Cruz Claims Obama Administration Has Banned Anti-Islam Speech
  254. Ignoring his and his own Party's role in single-handed instilling fear, O'Reilly says 'Obama Has Polarized The Country As Much As Richard Nixon Did'
  255. Republicans are now blaming Barack Obama for Donald Trump. Seriously.
  256. Beck: Obama Wants ISIS Contained, Not Destroyed, So He Can Use Them as a 'Pawn'
  257. Gun Activists: Obama Raising Private Army Of Undocumented Immigrants, Refugees, Federal Employees & 'Soviet Troops'
  258. Cliff Kincaid: Obama Is 'Mentally Ill' Due To Past Pot Use And Must Be Impeached
  259. Tim Wildmon: People Think Obama's A Muslim Because He 'Identifies More With Islam Than Any Other Religion'
  260. San Bernardino Truthers Blame Obama Conspiracy: 'We Do Not Have One Year Left To Live Out This Administration'
  261. Huckabee Slams Obama on San Bernardino: He's On 'Politically-Correct Crusade for Islam'
  262. Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions Accuse Obama Officials Of Withholding Info On Terrorists
  263. Michael Savage: Obama Is 'Bringing An Army' Of Syrian Refugees Into America
  264. Rick Wiles: 'God Is On Putin's Side,' Not With America's 'Mohammed President'
  265. Erik Rush: Obama Wants Billions To Die To Curb The World Population
  266. Rick Wiles: Obama Is 'The Adolf Hitler Of The Third World War'
  267. Christie Now Blames Obama and His 'Lawlessness' for Mizzou Unrest, Too
  268. Fox Commentator Blames Planned Parenthood Shooting On President Obama
  269. Jerome Corsi: Obama Altered His Muslim Wedding Ring!
  270. Rep. Steve King, again: Obama is 'filling our country up' with people who will 'attack us'
  271. Right-Wing Pundit: Obama Created Middle East Crisis In Order to 'Inundate This Country With Radicals'
  272. Right-Wing Site Finds 'Proof' Obama Admitted He's A Muslim
  273. Todd Starnes: Obama Would Rather See A US City Nuked 'Than Profile Someone Who Might Be A Terrorist'
  274. The GOP's insane, inaccurate, bizarro history of Obama's Syria failure
  275. Tucker Carlson And Guest Blame Obama Administration For Paris Attacks
  276. Obama's New Personal Twitter Account Meets Wave Of Racist Tweets
  277. Remember Republicans ranting that Obama would ruin U.S. auto industry? Sales now highest since 9/11
  278. Rafael Cruz: Military Run By 'Puppet Generals' Because Obama Fired The 'Strong' Ones
  279. 4 Predictions Republicans Made About The Economy That Are Really Embarrassing Now - 1. Obamacare will "destroy our economy... It's going to push us into a total economic collapse."; 2. Wall Street reform is "a symbol of government overreach that is killing jobs."; 3. "Burdensome and ineffective" EPA regulations are "creating barriers for needed capital investment and job growth."; 4. The 2009 stimulus bill is "affirmatively job killing" and "about to get worse."
  280. Rick Wiles: Obama 'Spent $500 Million Building ISIS' - money had been instead been included in a "black op budget" to create ISIS.
  281. Fischer: Obama Would Imprison All Conservative Christians 'If He Had His Way'
  282. Savage: 'People's Tribunal' Needs To Find 'Fascist' Obama Guilty Of War Crimes For Immigration Policy
  283. Let's recap hilariously wrong Republican predictions about Obamacare
  284. Armed White People Must Stop Obama Before He Sparks Nuclear War Against America
  285. Black Lives Matters Is 'Calling For The Murder Of Police Officers' And Obama 'Encourages It'
  286. Obama May Seek A Third Term By 'Nullifying The Election'
  287. Obama Doesn't Like To Say 'Islamic Terrorism.' Neither Did George W. Bush.
  288. Chris Christie says cop deaths are President Obama's fault
  289. BarbWire Warns That Obama Is The Antichrist Who Was Put Into Office By Satan
  290. Obama Will Commit Anti-White Genocide, Just As The Mayans Prophesied
  291. Texas Will Face Nuclear Attack In Next Jade Helm Training
  292. President Obama and administration officials are closely tied with Muslim Brotherhood groups that are actively training "jihadis who kill Americans."
  293. Obama Will 'Slaughter Millions Of American Resistors'
  294. Why Republicans are obsessed with comparing Obama to Hitler
  295. GOP group busted for running photoshopped ad of Obama greeting Iranian president
  296. About that job-killing Obamacare: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in 40 years
  297. Boehner Blames California Drought On Obama
  298. Protesters Welcome Obama To Oklahoma With Confederate Flags
  299. Another Right-Wing Racist Has Been Charged With Plotting To Kill Obama
  300. Wisconsin Man Threatened To Kill Barack Obama
  301. How Is Jim Hoft Making His Readers Stupider And More Hate-Filled Now?
  302. Pat Boone Orders Our 'Half-White' President To Quit Talking About Race
  303. Franklin Graham: God May Smite Obama With Lightning In Gay Marriage Punishment
  304. Second Amendment The Only Thing Saving America From Obama
  305. Government Planning To Unleash ISIS Attacks, Race War, Economic Collapse In Order To Impose Martial Law
  306. Obama Using Gay Marriage To Impose Martial Law
  307. Obama An 'Atheist' With 'Muslim Sympathies'
  308. President Obama Is Leading "A Lynch Mob Against Law Enforcement"
  309. One Quarter Of Mexico's Population Has Been "Taken In" By U.S.
  310. Memorial Day letter to the Editor calls for violent "regime change" and executions
  311. [Obama is] 'Plunging the World Into a Very Dark Place'
  312. Traitor Republican Threatens Violent Armed Insurrection If Obama Doesn't Leave Office
  313. Obama Threatened Far More Often Than Any Previous President
  314. Fox News Acknowledges 160 Airstrikes Against Islamic State, Still Claims Obama Hasn't Taken Action
  315. Fox News says President Obama is disarming the nation's cops
  316. Is Baltimore Unrest A "Set-Up," Allowing Obama To Delay 2016 Election?
  317. Fox Personalities Blame Obama For Baltimore Violence
  318. O'Reilly Parrots Anti-Tax Group's False Claim That Obama Raised Taxes 442 Times
  319. After a 207-day wait, Senate finally confirms Obama judicial nominee
  320. Obama Will Push for Slavery Reparations in 2016
  321. A Bunch of Idiots Took Selfies in Front of the East Village Fire in NYC - and Fox News Blamed Obama
  322. Sean Hannity: We Have A President That Wants To Give The Iranians Nuclear Weapons
  323. Over 230 legal experts, public officials call Obama's immigration actions 'lawful'
  324. To Match Bush, Obama Would Have to Spend the Rest of His Presidency on Vacation!
  325. New Documentary Exposes the Shocking Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism Since Obama’s Election in 2008 (Video)
  326. "The Haters" Don't Want Obama In The History Books
  327. 57 Percent of Republicans Want to Impeach Obama
  328. Fox News and the Rise of Racial Animus in the Obama Era
  329. 5 Ways The Right Thinks Obama Is Trying To Disarm The Police
  330. Suprised? Obama’s First Tweet Met With ‘Welcome to Twitter, N*gger’
  331. Sen. Ron Johnson: Ayatollah Could Be More Trustworthy Than Obama On Iran Deal
  332. Allen West's Blog Ties Obama's Police Equipment Order To Texas Takeover
  333. Five Videos Conspiracy Theorists Say Are 'Proof' Of A Coming Military Takeover
  334. Horse American Pharaoh Won Kentucky Derby, Therefore, Obama is the Antichrist’s Precursor
  335. Texas Guv: Residents Fear A Military Takeover Because Of Obama
  336. GOP Rep. Steven King Accuses Obama of Importing ‘Millions’ of ‘Undocumented Democrats’
  337. Huckabee: Don't Enlist till We Get a More Godly President
  338. Fox Business Host Thinks Obama Will Back Reparations For Slavery In 2016 (VIDEO)
  339. John Ashcroft: Obama Panders to ‘Some Ethnic Portions’ of America
  340. Bill O'Reilly: Obama Had 'Nothing To Do' With Death Of Bin Laden
  341. Conservatives ‘Totally Not Convinced’ ‘Emperor’ ‘Ovomit’ Will Leave Office in 2017
  342. Police officer fabricates being shot at; schools closed; Black Lives Matter, President Obama blamed
  343. Republican Senators Write To Leaders Of Iran, Attempt To Sabotage Nuclear Deal
  344. Top Republican Warns Obama Might Make Black People Immune From Prosecution ‘Regardless Of The Crime’
  345. 16 Times Fox News Claimed Obama "Diminished" The Presidency
  346. Poll: Americans Think Race Relations Are Worse Under Obama
  347. 4 Things That Were Supposed To Happen By 2015 Because Obama Was Reelected
  348. Fox Host: Obama Wants To Ban Sprinkled Doughnuts, Xmas Cookies (VIDEO)
  349. Rudy Giuliani: 2 NYC Cops Were Killed Because Obama Told Everyone To ‘Hate The Police’
  350. GOP’s Lauten Follows Limbaugh, Shuster, Harris-Perry in Breaking Rule #1
  351. GOP Staffer Attacks Obama’s Daughters in Facebook Post, Calling Them ‘Classless’
  352. Republicans Mull Barring Obama From Delivering State Of The Union Address
  353. ‘Madman, Hitler, Emperor, Cheater, Fraud’ – Republicans Have Total Psychotic Melt-Down Over Obama’s Immigration Action
  354. The Roberts Court Has Already Said That Obama Has The Power To Issue His Immigration Order
  355. 'Christian' Pastor Prays For President's Death, Calls Obama's Mother A Whore
  356. Secret Service Arrests Man Who Threatened to Behead President Obama in Email Filled With Racist Tea Party Rhetoric
  357. Larry Klayman: Obama Must Be ‘Taken Alive’ For Using Ebola as Weapon Against White People
  358. Phyllis Schlafly Goes Full Racist: Obama Intentionally Bringing in Ebola to Make the U.S. More Like Africa
  359. Fox News' New Theory: Obama Will Give Nukes To Iran In Trade For Fighting ISIS
  360. Missouri Official Calls For Military Coup, But Meant No 'Ill Intent' Toward Obama
  361. Rep. Steve Stockman Wonders If Obama Is Using Ebola To Take Over Government
  362. Typical Deranged Tea Partier to Obama: ‘We Aren’t Here to Appease Your F*cking Muslim, African Beliefs’ (Video)
  363. Keith Ablow: Obama May Want America to Suffer, So He’ll Let Ebola Flow Through
  364. Expert in Thoroughly Debunked ‘Bible Code’ Fraud: Bible Positively Confirms Obama is the Antichrist! (Audio)
  365. Republican Birthers Stop Asking Obama ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Now Say His Mom is Not Really His Mom! (Audio)
  366. A Racist Birther Tea Partier Just Filed to Have Obama Deported Because He’s Really Barry Sotero
  367. Obama Conspiracy Theories Fuel Gun Owners To Stock Up On Russian AK-47s
  368. Fox's Todd Starnes Accuses Obama Administration Of "Orchestrating The Michael Brown Tragedy"
  369. Liars at Fox Edit Obama's Speech to Make it Seem Like He's 'Choosing Sides' in Ferguson
  370. Put Obama Administration Officials In Jail For Alleged Terrorist Ties
  371. Michele Bachmann: Obama keeping migrant kids so U.S. can perform medical experiments on them
  372. House Votes To Sue President For The First Time In US History
  373. Steve King manages to attack Obama for birth control, rape and refugee crisis in just one sentence
  374. Texas open carry activists meet on Grassy Knoll, denounce president
  375. Right-Wing Think Tanker Says Obama Should Be 'Hung, Drawn And Quartered'
  376. Anti-Immigration Activist: Public Execution Would Be ‘Too Good’ for Obama
  377. Jon Karl Grills Earnest: ‘Mistake’ for Obama to Eat Cheeseburgers During World Crises?
  378. McCain blames 'cowardly' Obama administration for allowing plane attack
  379. Texas AG Abbott Finds Another Excuse To Sue The Obama Administration
  380. A secret about President Obama that you could only learn from the Republican spin machine
  381. Alex Jones & Larry Pratt: Obama Training Military To Attack Tea Party
  382. Fox Casts Doubt On Obama Immigration Enforcement As 2 Millionth Deportation Nears
  383. Ted Nugent: President Obama a 'Chimpanzee' and 'Subhuman Mongrel,' Hillary Has 'Spare Scrotums'
  384. How Fox News Built Its Scream Machine In The Obama Era
  385. Presidential Doubtreach: 93% of Republicans Decline Obama Invitation to White House
  386. More Louisiana Republicans Blame President Obama For Hurricane Katrina Response Than Bush
  387. Congressman Admits to Town Hall: It Would Be a 'Dream Come True' to Impeach Obama
  388. Obama Was 'Photoshopped' Into Bin Laden Raid Situation Room Photo
  389. Fox Manufactures New IRS Scandal Over Bush-Era Policy Change
  390. Toomey says Republicans opposed expanding background checks because they don't like President Obama
  391. Five Years Of Conservatives Calling For Obama's Impeachment
  392. Fox News Finds A Way To Blame Obama For Conservative Filmmaker’s Confession To Breaking The Law
  393. Ted Cruz blames Obama for Texas shooting
  394. Fox: Obama Plotted 'Biggest Jailbreak In History' To Make Immigrant Criminals Into Voters
  395. Fox News Seizes On Boston Bombing To Suggest Obama Is A Secret Muslim
  396. George Will Attacks Obama For Failing To Clean Up Bush's Mess In Iraq
  397. Fox's Jarrett And McInerney Team Up To Blame Everything Wrong In Iraq On Obama (And Forget About Bush/Cheney)
  398. Krauthammer Attacks Obama For Cutting Bush's Record Deficits
  399. Ferguson Official Stated President Obama Wouldn't Last Long "Because What Black Man Holds a Steady Job for Four Years"
  400. Congressman Claims Immigrants Are Netting $24,000 Each From Obama's Executive Action
  401. Why GOP Attorneys General Are Suing Obama Over Any And Everything
  402. Jason Chaffetz Opens Up Dumbest Investigation of Obama Yet
  403. TV Networks Denied Obama Airtime To Tout Obamacare Enrollment
  404. Detective Bobby Kinch of Las Vegas PD threatens Obama, calls for 'race war,' keeps his job
  405. After Blocking Surgeon General Nominee, Republican Blames Obama For Surgeon General Vacancy
  406. Phyllis Schlafly Goes Full Racist: Obama Intentionally Bringing in Ebola to Make the U.S. More Like Africa
  407. Krauthammer "A Sense In The Country That We Have A Presidency That Is Falling Apart"
  408. CEO Who Said He'd Probably Have To Fire Employees If Obama Won Is Now Giving Them Raises
  409. Mitch McConnell Undermines Obama's Climate Plan With Other Countries
  410. Fox News Attacks Obama For DREAM Act He Didn't Enact
  411. McConnell Is Now Telling States To Ignore Obama's Carbon Emission Rules
  412. Media, GOP Forget Bush's Feeble Response to Russia-Georgia Conflict
  413. Nobody Can Figure Out What Rudy Giuliani Is Talking About, Obama Propaganda Edition
  414. Alex Jones: Assassinating Obama Could Be A False Flag!
  415. Savage's New Book Not About Averting, But Fomenting Civil War
  416. Krauthammer On "Lawless" Obamacare Changes: "Now Reached A Point Where It's So Endemic That Nobody Even Complains"
  417. 25 Insane Obama Non-Scandals Invented By The Washington Times
  418. GOP Donor: Elect a Republican Sheriff in Case Obama Seizes Dictatorial Power
  419. National Review blames NFL scandal on ... Obama
  420. Dana Perino Bashes Obama For Being Shown Walking Alone At Stonehenge
  421. Texas Gun Shop Sign Suggests 'Change' Won't Happen Unless an Obama Family Member Is Beheaded
  422. Assault rifle sales sluggish because cruel dictator Obama still hasn't banned them
  423. Rep. Peter King Is Angry President Obama Wore A Tan Suit
  424. Blacktracking: Republican Attacks Obama for Foreign Policy that He Supported Before Obama Enacted it!
  425. On Heels Of Tragic Plane Crash, Fox Rewrites Reagan's Legacy In Effort To Jab Obama
  426. Woman Derails GOP Town Hall Going Off on Why Obama Needs to Be Executed
  427. GOP Slams 'Imperial' Obama After Fewest Executive Orders In 100 Years
  428. Fox Talker Attacks Obama As 'A Tiny Man In A Well-Tailored Suit'
  429. Speaker Boehner's Lawyer Is Charging The American Taxpayer $500 An Hour To Sue Obama - "because the president is not implementing Obamacare fast enough."
  430. Priebus Blasts Obama's Golfing in GOP Weekly Address: "Where Are His Priorities?"
  431. Fox 'News' Outraged That Kenyan Socialist Marxist Communist Nazi Muslim Obama Didn't Wear a Necktie!
  432. Boehner Encourages Obama To Take Executive Action, One Day After Voting To Sue Obama Over Executive Action
  433. Conservatives Attacked Obama Over 23 Dead Americans on Malaysia Airlines - Who Didn't Exist
  434. House Republicans successfully ban funding for canceled White House renovation, so take that, Obama
  435. How Shall They Impeach Obama? Conservatives Count the Ways - A rundown of the president's high crimes and misdemeanors, according to his haters.
  436. A secret about President Obama that you could only learn from the Republican spin machine
  437. Louie Gohmert: Obama Lets Immigrants into U.S. so They'll Vote Democrat
  438. Sean Hannity: President Obama Is the 'Manchurian Candidate'
  439. Krauthammer: Reagan Never Controlled House, Got Things Passed; What's Obama's Excuse?
  440. Sniveling Weasel Eric Cantor Blames Obama for His Staggering Defeat by an Insane Teabagger
  441. Obama Chewed Gum at D-Day Ceremony, Teabaggers Outraged
  442. GOP Helps Cause Delays in Treatment for Sick Veterans, Blames It on Obama's 'Death Panels'
  443. Tens Of People Descend Upon The Capitol To Drive The Obama Administration Out Of Office
  444. President Obama a 'Chimpanzee' and 'Subhuman Mongrel,' Hillary Has 'Spare Scrotums'
  445. Fox's Benghazi Expert Endorsed Assassinating Obama Last Week
  446. 12 Things Obama Used To Distract From Benghazi, According to Conservatives
  447. The Imaginary Rule That Keeps Obama's Judges From Being Confirmed
  448. Ingraham Declares "Our Role Is Going To Be To Block" Everything Obama Tries To Do
  449. A Year Of Benghazi Myths
  450. Tea Party Protesters Greet Obama With Racism, Birtherism: 'Kenyan Go Home'
  451. Protestors Taunt Obama With Racial Slurs, Sing 'Bye-Bye Black Sheep': 'He's 47% Negro'
  452. Fox's Tantaros Attacks Obama For Not Honoring Veterans On Memorial Day, Even Though He Did
  453. Buster Wilson Claims Obama Wants to Declare Christians to be Mentally Ill and Lock Them Up
  454. Anti-Black Prejudice Increased Since 2008, Poll Finds
  455. GOP Rep Offers Amendment Prohibiting Obama From Playing Golf Until White House Tours Resume
  456. Rush Limbaugh Smears President Obama by Suggesting He is Cheating on His Wife
  457. Federal Appeals Court Decision Would Have Invalidated Hundreds Of Recess Appointments From Reagan To Obama
  458. Hypocrisy Alert: Eric Cantor Added $3.4 Trillion to Debt But Blames Obama for His Debt
  459. Virginia KKK Uses Obama's Presidency As A Recruiting Tool
  460. Republicans are Ending Obama's First Term with More Irrational Hatred of this President
  461. The Latest Far-Right Wingnuttery: Obama Plotting A 3rd Term
  462. Coulter: Republicans Have To Make Sure That "This Economy Gets Blamed On Obama"
  463. Fox Throws Kitchen Sink Full Of Falsehoods At Obama On Day Before Election
  464. Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever
  465. Fox & Friends Makes "A Fair Number Of Mistakes, And They Always Happen To" Make Obama Look Bad
  466. Kansas State Board May Try To Take Obama's Name Off The Ballot
  467. Obama could not have saved Janesville GM plant. It closed before he took office.
  468. Obama is deporting immigrants faster than Bush. Republicans don't think that's enough.
  469. Ohio GOP Congressional Candidate Compares Obama To Hitler, Stalin, And Mao
  470. The Real Motivation Behind Repealing ObamaCare is Racism
  471. Republicans Attacking Obama Because Republicans Blocked "Buy American" In Stimulus
  472. "Obama's Social Security Number Is From CT, And He's Never Been There"
  473. Is There Anything Left That Conservatives Won't Believe About Obama?
  474. Meet the Astroturfer Planning to Swift Boat Obama
  475. Every Former President Has Campaigned for Re-Election on Air Force One. So Why Is Obama Different?
  476. Rove: Obama Order To Get Osama Bin Laden Not An 'Epic Achievement'
  477. How Politics Damaged Obama's Recovery
  478. Seller Of Racist Bumper Sticker Defends Use Of The N-Word To Describe President Obama
  479. Donald Trump Falsely Claims President Obama Issued A Statement For Kwanzaa But Not For Christmas
  480. Conservatives Furious That Obama, Like Bush, Issued Kwanzaa Message
  481. Failed Tea Party Politician Posts Facebook Page Calling For Obama Assassination
  482. Right-Wing Furious Over Obama's 'Godless' Thanksgiving Address - Remember when President Bush forgot to thank God in his 2008 Thanksgiving address? Neither do the conservatives...
  483. University Of Texas College GOP President: Obama Assassination 'Tempting'
  484. Despite 14 Straight Months Of Public Job Loss, Republicans Continue To Block Obama's Jobs Plan
  485. Historians say today's rebukes of presidents have grown more extreme
  486. Obama Faces Historic Threats, Former Secret Service Agent Says
  487. Todd Starnes Calls On God To Send Hornets And Cicadas To Attack Obama
  488. Tony Perkins: Totalitarian Obama Colluding with 'Anti-Christian Extremists' to 'Neuter the Church'
  489. GOP Newsletter Calls for Armed Revolution if Obama Re-Elected
  490. Joel Gilbert Speculates That Obama May Have Been Behind Aurora Shooting
  491. 'Dreams From My Real Father' Director's New Project: Obama's Secret Muslim Wedding Ring
  492. Biblical Birthers? Titus Claims Bible Says Obama Ineligible for Presidency
  493. Kuhner Claims Obama is 'Our Lenin'; Mefferd Afraid He's More Like Stalin
  494. Nugent Compared Obama and Democrats to a Coyote that Needs to Be Shot
  495. Schlafly: Obama's Goal Is To Break The Capitalist System
  496. Gheen Floats Military Coup And Arrest To "Remove" Obama From Office "As Soon As Possible"
  497. Klayman Urges "Second American Revolution" Against The "Mullah In Chief"
  498. Tea Party Nation: Obama Ineligible To Serve, Gay
  499. Gheen Suggests Violence May Be Needed To Stop Obama's War On "White America"
  500. Farah: Obama's Israel Policy Caused Deadly Tornadoes
  501. Geller: Obama Is An Illegitimate Child And Therefore An Illegitimate President
  502. Fischer: President Obama Hates America and White People
  503. Farah: Trump "Doing God's Work" By Promoting Birther Conspiracy
  504. Gordon Robertson: Obama Was Raised Muslim And Could Inspire Other Muslims To Convert
  505. Franks and Santorum: Obama Is Literally Destroying America
  506. WND: AZ Shooter Attended School "Founded by Bill Ayers and Funded by President Obama"
  507. Jackson: Elections Prove That God Is About to "Sweep Clean" The Nation
  508. Rep. Trent Franks: Obama Is One of the Nation's Most Dangerous Enemies
  509. Liberty Counsel Warns That Obama Seeks To Become Global Dictator
  510. Engle: Obama Unleashing Demons With His Father's Day Declaration
  511. Graham's Disinvitation Proof That Our Military Is Run By "Fundamentalist Muslims and Homosexual Activists"
  512. Insane, Even By Birther Standards
  513. Kincaid: Obama's Morals Shaped By "Communist Sex Pervert"
  514. "Kinder, Gentler" Rick Scarborough Accuses Obama of Trying to "De-Christianize America"
  515. "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death": Liberty Counsel Issues A Call to Revolution (Nonviolently, Of Course)
  516. Cheney: Obama's Incompetence Is Getting People Killed
  517. America Is Cursed By God For Electing Barack Obama
  518. Ted Nugent Wants To See Obama Jailed
  519. Obama and Pelosi Are Angry, Weather-Controlling Gods
  520. Wiley Drake Prays For Obama's Death
  521. Obama's "Unconstitutional" Nobel Prize
  522. Bauer: Help Us Fox News, You're Our Only Hope
  523. $25 Worth of Faxes Will End Obama's Presidency!
  524. Land: Obama and Company Are Literally Nazis
  525. Obama's Noble Prize Proves That Everyone Is a Stupid Communist!
  526. Conference Recap: Far Right Leaders Vow to 'Take Back America' from 'Evil' Obama and Democrats
  527. Vision America Goes Full-On Birther
  528. The Continuing Right Wing Attacks On Obama's Faith
  529. "Obama Is After Our Children"
  530. Obama's America: "A Cross Between Stalinist USSR and Nazi Germany"
  531. Farah: Obama's Grandmother Was Really His Mother
  532. Janet Porter Reveals The Coming American Genocide
  533. Huckabee and Bachmann to Headline Event Co-Hosted By a Birther
  534. The Birth of the Birthers
  535. Every President But Bush Is a Godless Heathen
  536. Peterson Outs Obama as a Corrupt Socialist
  537. Definitive Proof of the Communist Conspiracy
  538. A New Method of Determining a President's Support
  539. President Barack Obama Takes Office January 20, 2008
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  540. Robinson's Participation in Inauguration Might Cause God to Destroy Washington DC
  541. Christian Coalition Proclaims Itself Ready to Fight
  542. Right Already Plotting to Tie Obama Up in Court
  543. Obama "Will Accelerate God's Judgment on America"
  544. Porter Asks God to Prevent Obama From Taking Office
  545. The Emerging Right-Wing "Resistance"
  546. Our Christian President is a Muslim and a Sin Against the Lord
  547. "Our First Anti-Christian President"
  548. Let The Right Wing Resurrection Begin
  549. Barack Obama is elected President November 4, 2008
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  550. Typical Phyllis Schlafly
  551. Her Non-Racist Eyes Couldn't Save Her
  552. Right Plots to Wage Culture War During Obama Presidency
  553. Racist GOP Newsletter in California
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