All The Things Obama Did Do

That His Racist Enemies Refuse To Report Or Acknowledge

Today is

44rd President of the United States

Barack Obama

Farther below is a list of accomplishments by President Obama over the past eight years along positive impacts his presidency has had on the economy and our capitalistic system.

The vast majority of these results are unknown to tens of millions of people throughout the country as they have intentionally limited themselves to information provided by Fox News and other right-wing media outlets, as well as conservative talking heads. These sources have gone to great lengths to ensure that any Obama initiatives that benefited the average working American were never known by their faithful followers. Obliviously their objective was to minimize Obama's Presidency and relegate him to nothing more than a footnote in history.

Before looking at his record, here are a few observations by Obama and others:

"Obama Has The Worst Inbox Of Any President Maybe In History"

Why Obama Will Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents of All Time

Obama: GOP 'Vision' Has Become 'Unrecognizable' Since I Ran In 2008

Kurtz: "This President Works Very Hard, Doesn't Take Many Vacations"

"Not Realistic" To Believe Obama's Race Not An Issue For Republicans

Obama: Helping Rich "The Thing That Binds" Republicans Together

Barack Obama May Go Down As the Only President Who Excelled In the Face of Racism

Obama vs. O'Reilly on Benghazi: People Believe It "Because Folks Like You Are Telling Them"

Obama on Congress: "They Don't Do Anything Except Block Me And Call Me Names"

Obama: All GOP Wants to Do Is Oppose Me by Pushing 'Phony Scandals'

Obama: 'Some Folks Who Just Really Dislike Me' 'Don't Like the Idea of a Black President'

Ingraham Declares "Our Role Is Going To Be To Block" Everything Obama Tries To Do

Bernie Goldberg To O'Reilly: Obama Could 'Literally' Cure Cancer And GOP Would Still Hate Him

Obama: Republicans Are 'Motivated, Principally, By Opposing Whatever It Is That I Propose'

Republicans are Ending Obama's First Term with More Irrational Hatred of this President

Republicans are Ending Obama's First Term with More Irrational Hatred of this President

[Republican] Scarborough: Difficult For Obama To Be 'Gracious' After Being Treated Like 'Second-Class Citizen' For 4 Years

Ask Republicans What They Did To Help Our President

Fox & Friends Makes "A Fair Number Of Mistakes, And They Always Happen To" Make Obama Look Bad

[Republican] Bill Kristol: 'Obama Team Turned Around' Bush's Financial Meltdown

Obama Has To Say Government By Blackmail Not Acceptable Way To Run The Country

GOP 'Treated President Obama With Unprecedented Disrespect'

GOP's Obstruction Seven Years Old

Obama's Legacy: A Great Man & Good President In Bad Times

The extraordinarily complicated successes of President Obama

The National Debt Under Obama
How Much Did Obama Add to the Nation's Debt?
"When [it's] all added up, Obama's debt contribution was $983 billion between 2009-2017".
(Based on policies that Obama implemented).

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Thing that President Obama did do and/or did happen under Obama
that his racist enemies refuse to report or acknowledge.

Obama Lists His Accomplishments At Clinton Rally [In Sept. 2016]

We fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years.
We turned around a declining economy.
We helped our auto industry set new records.
Our businesses created 15 million new jobs.
Slashed our dependence on foreign oil.
Doubled our production of clean energy.
Made marriage equality a reality in all 50 states.

President Obama is Officially America's Greatest Job Creator President - Guess who gets no credit for record setting job growth that is hardly a one-off since it's going on for 78 months? Yeah, that's right. President Barack Obama.


US jobless claims hit 43-year low as labor market tightens

WSJ: Obama To Spend More Time Than Is Typical Aiding Trump Transition - Team Trump 'Unaware' That They'd Have To Replace West Wing Staff

A Final Pre-Election Report on the Economy

CDC: Uninsured rate at an all-time low

Unemployment rate dips below 5 percent ahead of Election Day

Chart of the Day: Economy Picks Up Nicely in Q3

Obama administration finalizes rules to help students defrauded by for-profit colleges

We just got the best wage growth in 7 years

Third quarter GDP rises at fastest rate since 2014

Inflation-Adjusted Federal Spending Has Fallen Under President Obama

US jobless claims at 43-year low as labor market tightens

Income up, poverty rate down ...what about that GOP sneer over 'Obama's third term'?

Services sector grows in September for the 80th consecutive month

The Obama administration just quietly protected millions of seniors from abuse - Nursing homes will no longer be able to use a common tactic that allows them to stay out of court and avoid scrutiny.

Poverty is down and incomes are up, expanding the middle class: U.S. Census Bureau

Jobless claims drop to a two-month low as labor market firms

Chart of the Day: For the 7th Straight Year, Illegal Immigration Remains a Non-Crisis

Weekly jobless claims total a better-than-expected 260,000

U.S. signs record $38 billion in military aid to Israel

Gasoline prices could be the cheapest for any fall since Obama was first elected

Middle class incomes finally bounce back - First broad gain in earnings - and drop in poverty rate - since the Great Recession.

Chart of the Day: Net New Jobs in August [2016]

Most Americans Agree: Life Has Improved Under Obama - A new Gallup poll finds that's true for people across all racial groups.

Job Growth Stays Steady While Wage Growth Fails To Take Off

ISIS No. 2 Leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani Dies of Wounds in Syria

Obama Just Quadrupled The World's Largest Natural Sanctuary - The expansion will cover more than 7,000 marine species in Hawaii, including whales, sea turtles, and corals.

Another 138,000 acres off Louisiana's coasts will be explored for oil

US weekly jobless claims total 261,000 vs 265,000 estimate [August 2016]

Trump Camp: Obama Deportation Policy Actually Pretty Awesome - Donald Trump essentially said he'd continue President Obama's deportation policy, which supporters and immigration critics both agree does not slack on deportations one bit.

US Drone Strike Kills Islamic State Leader In Afghanistan

Government reports another month of strong job gains - 255,000, with unemployment rate still at 4.9% [August 2016 for July]

18 Great Trends of the Obama Administration - And 2 Terrible Ones

$1 billion alleged Medicare fraud, money laundering scheme leads to Florida arrests

Why 'socialist' Obama is more of a free marketeer than Trump - "...a clear-eyed view of Obama shows not some power-mad redistributionist, but a leader pushing the sort of pro-market economic reforms that the GOP's own presumptive presidential nominee should be suggesting.

Obama's record on jobs versus five other presidents - Since the job market bottomed out in January 2010, in the depths of the Great Recession, the U.S. economy has produced more than 14 million jobs. That's pushed the total level of payrolls some 5.7 million higher than when the recession hit in late 2007.

Cops are safer under President Obama. Whether critics like it or not.

Chart of the Day: Net New Jobs in June [June 2016]

With Congress At A Standstill, Obama Expands Access To Addiction Treatment Drug

Under President Obama, income inequality improved - and all it took was one thing - Income inequality declined abruptly in 2013 after President Obama and Congress negotiated an increase in taxes on the wealthiest Americans, according to new federal data.

Economy Adds Just 38,000 Jobs In May, Unemployment Rate Down To 4.7 Percent [May 2016]

Unemployment Claims in 2016 Have Set a New Record Low

US slaps China steel imports with fivefold tax increase

Fact Check: The Economy Is Doing Pretty Well These Days

U.S.-led coalition blows up $500 million in Islamic State cash

Obama's National Monuments Have Been An Economic Boon For Local Economies

Obama Kills Largest Corporate Attempt Yet To Flee Overseas And Dodge Taxes - Pfizer's decision to walk away from a high-profile international merger proves the whole thing was about taxes, not productivity.

The US Just Whacked the Guy Who Handles ISIS's Paychecks

Top Ten List of Things That Are Going Great in America

Economy Adds 242,000 Jobs In February, Unemployment Remains At 4.9 Percent

US government ran $55B budget surplus in January [2016]

U.S. Unemployment Rate Hits Lowest Level [for Jan. 2016] Since February 2008

ISIS cuts fighters' salaries due to exceptional circumstances'

Iran Cements Arak Reactor Shut

Federal Spending Has Not Increased Under President Obama

REALITY CHECK: Undocumented Immigrant Population Hits 13-Year Low


Obama Administration Begins Large-Scale Deportations

Iran has shipped most of its low-enriched uranium to Russia, fulfilling a requirement of nuke deal

5 Ways Obamacare Has Changed America For The Better

Illegal Immigration From Mexico Continues to Decline

There Are Fewer Uninsured Veterans Thanks To Obamacare

Unemployment for veterans at lowest level in 7 years

Iran is deactivating thousands of its uranium-enriching centrifuges in accord with nuclear pact

[Obama's] Justice Department Encourages Prosecutors To Get Tougher On Wall Street Crimes

Budget deficit falls to 8-year low on boost in tax revenue [Oct. 2015]

Fewer police killed during Obama's administration than any two-term president in our lifetime

Unemployment Drops To Lowest Rate Since April Of 2008 [for Aug. 2015]

CBO says U.S. revenue gains push down deficit

Obama Administration Approves Shell's Request To Drill Even Deeper In The Arctic

The Technical Experts Weigh In, And They're Pretty Impressed With the Iran Deal - Arms control guru Jeffrey Lewis has long been skeptical that we could conclude a nuclear deal with Iran. Now that we have, he's pored through the entire document and he says he's impressed

About that job-killing Obamacare: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in 40 years

Government reports 223,000 new jobs created in June. Official unemployment rate falls to 5.3% [for Jun. 2015]

Medicare fraud bust charges 243 across nation - ...involving $712 million in false billing from Medicare

Obama Has Created Six Times as Many Jobs as Bush

Job Growth Soars Under Obama, Creating 280K New Jobs in May [2015] Alone

[Republican] David Brooks: Obama Runs 'Amazingly Scandal-Free' Admin with 'Scandal-Free' Staff

Obama Administration Keeps Thousands Of Acres Of Public Lands Open To Coal Mining

Obama Has Logged Only 1/3 as Many Vacation Days as George W. Bush [as of May 2015]

U.S. Raid Nabs Top ISIS Commander [May 2015]

Thanks To Obamacare, Nearly 9 In 10 American Adults Now Have Insurance

Government says 295,000 new jobs created in February [2015]. Official unemployment rate falls to 5.5%

February [2015] Becomes 12th Month In A Row To Have Over 200K Jobs Added

Gov't jobs report is the most positive in years, with revisions of the past two months up sharply

The Economy Added The Most Jobs Last Year Since 1999

With Obama Budget, Your Federal Tax Dollars Won't Pay For Sports Stadiums

Obama Has Guided America to Lowest Deficit Levels Since Before the Bush Recession

Gallup Poll Names Obama Most Admired Man in the World for the 7th Straight Year

US jobless claims approach 15-year low [for Jan. 2015]

CBO: Deficit Shrinks To Lowest Level Of Obama Presidency


Thanks Obama: U.S. Economic Growth Reaches 11-Year High!

The Obama Recovery Has Been Miles Better Than the Bush Recovery

Voters don't know the deficit is shrinking or that deportations have soared

US Consumer Confidence Reaches Highest Level [in Nov. 2014] Since 2007, GOP Planning to Impeach Obama for it Somehow, mainly because they watch Fox "News".

Fox News Grudgingly Admits That Weekly and Monthly Jobless Claims Drop to 14-YEAR LOW

Here are 7 Facts About Obama's Presidency That Conservatives Don't Want You to Know [as of Oct. 2014]

1) More Job Growth and Investment than Ronald Reagan
2) The Federal Budget Deficit has Shrunk by 2/3s since 2009
3) Our Dependence on Foreign Oil is at a Record Low Due to Domestic Oil Production and Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards
4) Spending Increases and Taxes Are Lower Than Anytime in the Last 50 Years
5) War is Down...and Foreign Terrorist Attacks on American Soil Are at Zero
6) The ACA has Added Years to the Life of Medicare, Insured 7 Million People so Far, and Precipitated the Lowest Rise in Healthcare Costs Since 1960
7) The Obama Administration Has Deported More Illegal Immigrants than Any Other in History...Including Bush

[Republican] Sen. Chambliss: 'Pretty Amazing' Obama Got Arab Coalition for Airstrikes

US budget deficit slips to $128.7 billion in August, stays on track to be smallest since 2008

Guess Which President CRUSHES Ronald Reagan on Jobs, Growth, and Investing?

About that Obama economy... - we've gained 9.2 million jobs, which means that even if you include Great Recession job losses in President Obama's overall job growth figures, he's still created more jobs than George W. Bush in his first 5.5 years in office - 5 million versus 3.8 million.

US budget deficit falls to $95 billion in July [2014]

Government Employment Is Way Down Under Obama

Chart of the Day: Net New Jobs in July [2014, 209,000 jobs]

US manufacturing boosted to 3-year high [in July 2014] by new orders, employment

Second-quarter [2014] GDP beats expectations. Revision shows first quarter not as awful as earlier thought

Obama Leasing Millions of Gulf Acres for Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling

US oil output booms - now refiners have to catch up

US Records $71 Billion Budget Surplus in June

Say Goodbye to Bush's "52 Months of Job Growth" GOP Talking Point

Obama's Trials for Terror Suspects Have Been a Tremendous Success

US Economy Regains ALL JOBS Lost to the Bush Recession.

Obama Administration Will Let Veterans Seek Care At Private Hospitals

Credit CARD Act Saves Consumers $12.6 Billion Annually

Who's the Real Deporter-In-Chief: Bush or Obama?

Recent Spending Cuts Outweigh Tax Increases 3 to 1

Projected Ten-Year Deficits Down by Nearly $5 Trillion, Mostly Due to Legislative Changes

The Deficit Fell Faster Last Year Than Any Since The End Of World War II

Which President Has Bypassed Congress the Most in U.S. History? Definitely Not Obama (CHART)

New Report Shows Obama Admin Will Have Deported 2 Million By 2014


Economy adds 203,000 jobs in November. Official unemployment rate falls to 7%. U6 falls to 13.2%

Despite All-Time Low Border Crossings, Obama Administration Will Prosecute A Record Number Of Migrants This Year

Obama's Approval Rating Would Surge If Americans Knew These 5 Facts

1. The Economy
2. Health Care
3. Energy
4. Education
5. Iraq and Afghanistan

Government Investment Hits Lowest Level Since World War II

Federal Budget Deficit Plummeted This Year, But Americans Still Think It's Rising

Memo to Media: Deficits Rapidly Shrinking, Spending Flat under Obama

Nearly 2 million home care workers to get minimum wage and overtime protections

Deficit Falls To Lowest Level Since 2008

The President's Budget Achieves Substantial Deficit Reduction and Largely Protects Low-Income Americans

Under Obama, Government Spending Has Grown More Slowly Than Under Any President Since Eisenhower

Republicans Call Him a Dictator, But Obama Has Issued Fewest Executive Orders in 100 Years


The deep, real spending cuts we've already passed - and that no one talks about

US Jobs Market 7 Percent Better Than Last Year

'Anti-Business' Obama Is Best President For Corporate Profits Since 1900

National Security Brief: Israeli Newspaper Endorses Obama

Federal Regulators Issue Most Deepwater Drilling Permits In The Gulf Of Mexico Since 2007

The Obama Auto Rescue Saved 154,843 Jobs and Added 17,000 in Ohio

The Federal Deficit Will Be Cut By 40% By The End Of This Fiscal year

Obama is now a net job creator

[Republican] Bill Kristol: 'Obama Team Turned Around' Bush's Financial Meltdown

Obama is deporting immigrants faster than Bush

CHART: Government Employment Now At Lowest Point Since 1968

Israeli Defense Minister Praises Obama: Doing 'More' For Israeli Security Than Previous Presidents

Illegal Border Crossings Into U.S. At Lowest Level In Nearly Four Decades

CHARTS: Corporate Profits Have Skyrocketed Over Last Three Years

The Real Job Creator: Obama Nearly Doubles Bush's Jobs Numbers

Obama Is The Most Fiscally Responsible President In a Generation

CHART: Spending, Taxes, And Deficits Are All Lower Today Than When Obama Took Office

Gas Prices Fall 14 Cents Per Gallon Since President Obama Announced Speculation Crackdown

House Republicans Have Voted to Increase the Debt by Nearly $1 Trillion This Year

Obama budget plan to boost tax revenues, cut deficits: CBO - President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget request would boost US tax revenues by nearly $1.4 trillion over 10 years if fully enacted,

[Obama Worst Socialist Ever] Off the Charts: Shrinking Government

America's Corporations Made A Record $824 Billion Last Year, As Conservatives Claim Obama Is Anti-Business

CHART: Economy Has Recovered All Private Sector Jobs Lost Since Obama Took Office

Obama Administration Backs Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Program

$42 Billion: Medicare Finds Savings From Competitive Bidding

Number Of Undocumented Immigrants From Mexico Who Are Entering and Leaving U.S. Hits Net Zero

The Obama Oil Boom (CHART)

GOP Drops "Obama Bear Market" Myth as Dow Hits 13,000

Growth In Government Spending Under President Obama Slower Than During Bush, Reagan Administrations

America's Oil Production Grew Faster Than Any Country in Last Three Years

Oil and Gas Jobs Increase by 75,000 Under Obama - 69,000 More Than Would Be Created By Keystone XL

Former Bush Administration Official: Obama Has 'Been Very Tough With Iran'

President Obama announces 'in-sourcing' initiative to help reverse off-shoring of U.S. jobs

Under Obama, a Record Decline in Government Jobs


Border Patrol: Increase in drug seizures, decrease in border-crossers in 2011

2012 Federal Deficit Shrinks To Less Than $1 Trillion

Israeli Defense Minister: No One 'Can Raise Any Question Mark' About Obama's 'Devotion' To Israel

Obama's ICE reports record number of deportations of illegal immigrants

Obama bigger tax cutter than Bush

Obama Administration in Massive Crackdown on Criminal Illegal Immigrants

It's Official: Obama Has Deported More Than A Million Unauthorized Immigrants

Obama Presides Over Record Growth in Oil Rigs

Ehud Barak On Obama Administration: 'I Can Hardly Remember A Better Period' Of U.S. Support For Israel

CHART: Over 500,000 Government Jobs Lost Since Obama's Inauguration

For 3rd Straight Year, Americans Paying Less In Federal Taxes Than They Did Under Bush


Obama Signs Equal-Pay Legislation [Giving Women Same Pay for Same Work]

During Obama's first year in office (2009) and the first quarter of 2010, focus was on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare. He signed the legislation on March 23, 2010.

Links to Other Obama Accomplishments
(Some duplicates, many new)

What Has Obama Done? Here Are 200 Accomplishments! With Citations! - From 2010

President Obama's accomplishments - From 2010

Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments - From 2012

Some Other Positive Things That Happened While Obama Was President

Consumer confidence surges to highest level since the recession

High School Graduation Rate Reaches New High

Dow on verge of longest win streak in years

U.S. new home sales rise to near 8-1/2-year high in June

IPO market is booming

Nasdaq nears all-time highs

U.S. Gas Prices Plummet [in Oct. 2014] to Lowest Level Since December 2010

Apple's got company: 14 more stocks at all-time highs

2012 Was Wall Street's Most Profitable Year Since The Financial Crisis

Corporate Profits Have Grown By 171 Percent Under 'Anti-Business' Obama

Wall Street Traders Have Profited More Under Obama Than In Eight Years Under Bush