All The Things Obama Didn't Do

That His Racist Enemies Unequivocally Declared He Would

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A Question of Racism - What's behind the vitriol in the opposition to Obama?

Race and Racism in the Time of Obama - In 2008, America elected a black president. It seemed so heady - such a landmark moment in racial justice. It has not turned out so well. From the beginning of his service, Barack Obama has been successfully marginalized as "the other," with a substantial part of the electorate (and the United States Congress) questioning not only his politics or policies, but also his very legitimacy.

4 things that were supposed to happen by 2017 because Obama was reelected

  • Gas was supposed to cost $6.60 per gallon.
  • Unemployment was supposed to be stuck at over 8 percent
  • The stock market was supposed to crash
  • The entire U.S. economy was supposed to collapse

Thing that President Obama didn't do that his racist enemies unequivocally declared he would.

Didn't throw pastors in jail, have people "fined $500 a day" for reading the Bible or "start rolling out the boxcars to start hauling off Christians."

Didn't kill jobs with Obamacare

Didn't pay Iran ransom money - "It was a settlement dating back to a disputed 1979 U.S.-Iranian arrangement that was interrupted by the Iranian revolution. In other words, the $400 million was Iran's money that had been sequestered for more than 35 years by the United States." With the U.S. earning a large sum off the interest.

Didn't bring on Armageddon --- more than 16 TIMES!

Didn't turn out to be anti-christ. --- even with one website dedicated to "proving" he was the antichrist.

Didn't Declare Christians Mentally Ill and Lock Them Up

Didn't take our guns - (hundreds of times!) Quite the opposite. "The only changes to gun laws under President Obama expanded NOT restricted gun rights. In fact, when compared to Republican icon Ronald Reagan who supported such things as banning open carry, banning machine guns, banning assault weapons, and mandatory background checks, Obama looks like the second coming of Charlton Heston."

Didn't refuse to leave office and become dictator --- dozens of times.

Didn't cancel 2016 presidential election.

Didn't rig 2016 Election

Didn't indict Hillary Clinton in order to serve 3rd term

Didn't rename the White House Christmas tree to "Holiday tree"

Didn't steal election from Trump

Didn't make up an epidemic to postpone 2016 election

Didn't bring 'death to this country'

Didn't intentionally signup non-citizen voters

Didn't start nuclear war and order mass arrest of his opponents - which was "imminent"

Didn't plant potential terrorists in Republican neighborhoods

Didn't stoke a race war in order to stay in power

Didn't build a "full-blown police state"

Didn't increase risk of cops lives

Didn't force gun owners into ghettos and round them up like Jews in Nazi Germany

Didn't chisel cross off Arlington headstones

Didn't build a private army and use that army to kill US military service members

Didn't kill every American citizen

Didn't cause gasoline to rise to $6.05 per gallon, stock market crash, economy to collapse or unemployment to be stuck at 8% after re-election in 2012

Didn't destroy stock market

Didn't hurt jobs, economic growth with tax hikes on rich

Didn't import terroist and justify gun control laws

Didn't ban anti-Islam speech

Didn't ruin the US auto industry

Didn't commit anti-white genocide

Didn't 'slaughter millions of American resistors'

Didn't Implement Sharia Law & Kill People By Guillotine

And a year later, Didn't replace the Constitution with Sharia law

Didn't raise taxes 442 times

Didn't push for slavery reparations

Didn't make black people immune from prosecution 'regardless of the crime'

Didn't use military to to attack tea party

Didn't try to become global dictator

Didn't declare martial law in 2013 or in 2016 --- or any other of the dozens of times.

Didn't cause a collapse of global debt.

Didn't gut the Second Amendment.

Didn't attack Iran using tactical weapons --- in spite of conservative warmongers demanding he do just that.

Didn't carry out a massive false flag attack and blame it on the patriots.

Didn't arm the TSA and abuse citizens at roadway checkpoints.

Didn't attack First Amendment and shut down websites.

Didn't cause deliberate destruction of US economy.

Didn't outlaw ammo storage of private citizens.

Didn't deliberately create food shortage and control food.

Didn't ban the free press.

Didn't destroy America with 'cultural time bombs'.

Didn't allow non-citizens to vote.

Didn't starve Americans into FEMA camps.

Didn't try to re-educate our kids.

Didn't remove Amereican flag from Air Force One. --- It was his logo on his campaign jet in 2008 which is what all Presidential candidates do when campaigning.

Didn't remove American flag in White House and replaced it with Muslim curtain. --- "The gold curtains have hung in the East Room of the White House since at least the 1960's."

Didn't fake an assassination attempt.

Didn't bring 100 million Muslims to America.

Didn't get sworn in to office with the Koran.

Didn't recruit cops to kill all the black people cops have been killing in order to start a civil war.

Didn't seek global domination.

Didn't cause UN to invade America nor was the --- UN told to kill Americans that didn't give over their guns.

Didn't consider civil war over guns.

Didn't invade Texas during Jade Helm 15 --- except with FEMA who supplied clean water, food and lots of cash after weather disasters.

Didn't bring about the end of the world.

UFO Dumped Stupid

What Obama did do: Had the gall to seek the job reserved for white men only --- while being black. (Plus he has a funny name.)