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Election Protection: You Have the Right to Vote
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Don't Take Incumbents' Word: See How They Voted

Senate Members

House Members

Presidential Election

Senate Election

House of Representatives Election

OSEC RepRank:
is a ranking of the nation's current Congressional representatives based on
their commitment to financial reform that works for the average person.
Check your Rep!

(Condensed List of Election Dates Farther Below)

None Dare Call It Treason: Tom Cotton, Iran and Old GOP Ideas
The letter sent by 47 Republican Congressmen to the Iranian government is part of a long history of right-wing mayhem

Republican Extremism and the Lessons of History
This crisis is about nothing other than the Republican Party - its radicalization, its stunning lack of leadership and its disregard for the Constitution

Inside the Republican Suicide Machine
It's open warfare within the GOP - and all of America is caught in the crossfire

FEC Chair Has Pretty Much Given Up Enforcing Finance Rules
Federal Election Commission chair Ann Ravel told the New York Times Sunday that she has "largely given up hope of reining in abuses in the 2016 presidential campaign."

Why The FEC Won't Crack Down On Campaign Finance Violations In 2016

Political TV Ad Archive gets a makeover to help track who is behind shadowy TV ads

CREW (Citizen for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)

Amend the US Constitution to limit the terms of service of US Congress to 12 years.
It is not about Left, Right, or Middle. It is about We the People... Americans.

Term Limits


Abstract from author:

"The creation of Fox News in 1996 was an event of deep, yet unappreciated, political and historical importance. For the first time, there was a news source available virtually everywhere in the United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a conservative tilt. Finally, conservatives did not have to seek out bits of news favorable to their point of view in liberal publications or in small magazines and newsletters. Like someone dying of thirst in the desert, conservatives drank heavily from the Fox waters. Soon, it became the dominant - and in many cases, virtually the only - major news source for millions of Americans. This has had profound political implications that are only starting to be appreciated. Indeed, it can almost be called self-brainwashing - many conservatives now refuse to even listen to any news or opinion not vetted through Fox, and to believe whatever appears on it as the gospel truth."


.0000063% of Americans Account for 80% of Super-Pac Dollars

See Who The Big Buyer Is This Year

Super PAC Spending and Fundraising by Political Leaning

Dark Money: Keeping an Eye on 501(c) Groups

2016 Outside Spending, by GROUP

2016 Outside Spending, by CANDIDATE

2016 Outside Spending, by RACE

2016 Outside Spending, by SUPER PAC

Tracking Campaign Finance In All 50 States

US Chamber of Commerce Outside Spending

National Rifle Assn. Outside Spending

American Crossroads Outside Spending

Club for Growth Outside Spending

2016 Top Donors to Outside Spending Groups

Total Outside Spending by Election Cycle, Excluding Party Committees

National Special Interest Groups

Follow the 2016 money with Sunlight's Real-Time Campaign Finance tracker

Outside groups' influence on 2016 election grows, super PAC filings show

The Barack Obama Files

Those "Factual" Chain Emails

The "Truth-O-Meter":
Mostly False
Pants on Fire

Historical Cases
Voter Fraud, Irregularities and Suppression


State Integrity 2015:
How does your state rank for integrity?

State Intergrity 2015

An Interactive Chart
Grading Your States' Intergrity In 13 Catergories

State & Congressional Election Dates

General Election
Tuesday November 8, 2016

(Some states have a General Election Runoff. Check with your government officials for dates.)

Primary Election Dates (and Runoff dates as applicable)

NOTICE: Dates are set by individual states and are subject to change. Check with your state and local officials to confirm your states' date(s).

(Sorted by Election Dates)

March 2016
Alabama - March 1, 2016 (Runoff: April 12, 2016)
Arkansas - March 1, 2016 (Runoff: March 22, 2016)
Texas - March 1, 2016 (Runoff: May 24, 2016)
Mississippi (PDF) - March 8, 2016 (Runoff: March 29, 2016)
Illinois - March 15, 2016
North Carolina - March 15, 2016 (Presidential, U.S. Senate & State ONLY. U.S. House Primary on June 7, 2016). (North Carolina has one of the most unusual and confusing Primaries in the nation, and it keeps changing. To be certain of Primary (and run-off dates if applicable), keep in touch with local officials.)
Ohio (PDF) - March 15, 2016

April 2016
Maryland - April 26, 2016
Pennsylvania - April 26, 2016/span>

May 2016
Indiana - May 3, 2016/span>
Nebraska - May 10, 2016
West Virginia - May 10, 2016
Idaho - May 17, 2016
Kentucky - May 17, 2016
Oregon - May 17, 2016
Georgia - May 24, 2016 (Primary Runoff: July 26, 2016; Federal General Election Runoff: January 10, 2017)

June 2016
California - June 7, 2016
Iowa - June 7, 2016
Montana (PDF) - June 7, 2016
New Jersey - June 7, 2016
New Mexico - June 7, 2016
North Carolina - June 7, 2016 (North Carolina has one of the most unusual and confusing Primaries in the nation, and it keeps changing. To be certain of Primary (and run-off dates if applicable), keep in touch with local officials.)
South Dakota - June 7, 2016
Maine - June 14, 2016
Nevada - June 14, 2016
North Dakota - June 14, 2016
Virginia - June 14, 2016
South Carolina (PDF) - June 14, 2016 (Runoff: June 28, 2016) - Unless one candidate gets at least 50% of the vote in the primary, the two candidates that get the most votes will oppose each other in a runoff.)
Colorado - June 28, 2016
New York - June 28, 2016
Oklahoma - June 28, 2016 (Runoff: August 23, 2016)
Utah - June 28, 2016 (Utah has a strange nominating system that is being contested. Check with your state to determine nomination dates.)

August 2016
Kansas - August 2, 2016
Michigan - August 2, 2016
Missouri - August 2, 2016
Washington - August 2, 2016
Tennessee - August 4, 2016
Minnesota - August 9, 2016
Vermont - August 9, 2016
Wisconsin - August 9, 2016
Hawaii - August 13, 2016
Alaska - August 16, 2016
Wyoming - August 16, 2016
Arizona - August 30, 2016
Florida - August 30, 2016

September 2016
Delaware - September 13, 2016
New Hampshire - September 13, 2016
Rhode Island - September 13, 2016
Connecticut - September 16, 2016
Massachusetts - September 20, 2016

November 2016
Louisiana - November 8, 2016 (Runoff: December 10, 2016) - NOTE: Louisiana does not have a conventional Primary. All qualified candidates run in the General Election, with a runoff a month later if required.

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