When Did You Become Fiscally Responsible?

BEFORE Obama or AFTER Obama??

Because It Matters!

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There are few things more irritating than hypocrites. The very first thing it tells you is that they are dishonest and not trustworthy, if not outright liars.

Our national debt is very serious - potentially a devastating threat to the existence of our country - and must be properly dealt with. But the issue gained popularity only after Barack Obama became President; even before the debt had begun to grow under him. And that fact tells us the debt really isn't the primary concern for the debt-outrage over the past two-plus years.

If these "suddenly-appeared fiscally-responsible 'patriots'" were truly what they claim to be, they would have been speaking up long before President George W. Bush left office. They would have been fighting mad about Bush's monstrous & historic tax cuts (projected as largest contributor to public debt), huge entitlement-cost increases (that benefited only the health care industry), and his "charging" the cost of two wars (which was twice what Bush said it was; by at least $1 trillion). And they would have insisted he not deliberately try to hide the cost of two wars by keeping it in his off-balance sheet.

Regardless of what Obama's discretionary spending has been, Bush is the one who is most responsible for the escalating debt. Yet, when that is pointed out to a new-found "fiscal saint", you get that tired old worn-out canned response: "Well, you got to start somewhere". Translation!? "I'm a hypocrite" (PDF).

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WHEN Did You Become Fiscally Responsible?
BEFORE Obama or AFTER Obama??

Because It Matters!

January 20, 2009
Under Bush II
$10,838,758,414,164.46 - ↑90%

Discretionary Spending at 48.6%

January 20, 2001
Under Clinton
$5,719,124,940,098.04 - ↑36%

January 20, 1993
Under Bush I
$4,192,107,025,882.17 - ↑62%

January 20, 1989
Under Reagan
$2,601,104,000,000.00 - ↑289%

January 20, 1981

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