GOP Election Rigging

Unable to Win on a Level Playing Field,
They Opt for Dictatorship

November 2014

UPDATED: November 2014
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Election fraud comes in two forms: Illegal votes cast at the polls and election rigging. But it's only the first Americas' Grand Old Party talks about. The latter is something they go to great lengths to avoid talking about.
There's a fundamental reason for that:

It's their Achilles heel.

rig elections

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Election rigging in America has been around for more than a century, with maybe the most famous coming from states like Louisiana, Illinois and New York from the mid- to late half of the 19 century through the first half of the 20th century. But the modern-day swing of election rigging began with the 1980 Presidential Election. Democrat Jimmy Carter was President, running for his second term. Republican Ronald Reagan was the GOP's nominee for President. However, the stage was set for rigging that election exactly one year earlier.

On November 4, 1979, a mob of young Islamic revolutionaries overran the U.S. Embassy in Tehran Iran, taking more than 60 Americans hostage. The Carter Administration worked for more than a year to free the hostages, getting a small number released, then attempting a failed rescue mission. The Americans were held for a total of 444 days, only to be released peacefully just minutes after Republican Ronald Reagan took office in 1981.

Americans were surprised at the release; in particular, the timing. Why just minutes after Reagan took office? It would be a dozen years later before the general public would know the truth.

Obviously, Republicans did not want Carter to win a second term. Although Reagan was very popular among many Independents, as well as some Democrats, the powers-to-be behind Reagan didn't want to take any chances. So they devised a plan to make Carter look weak on the hostage situation in Iran.

Iran was at war with Iraq, and in desperate need of weapons and supplies. The sanctions placed on them by the Carter Administration for the hostage situation were preventing Iran from getting what they needed for their war effort. So a group of Republicans in the US, along with a receptive Israeli government, cut a deal with Iran behind President Carter's back.

They promised Iran an immediate flow of military weapons and supplies even though there was a sanction against such items, and also promised that the sanctions would be lifted altogether if Reagan was elected President. In return the Republicans insisted that Iran not release the hostages until after the election and, if Reagan won, until he was in office. This was a temporary sticking point with both Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country's then-current spiritual leader, as they and Carter was near a deal to release the hostages. But they eventually went along with the deal.

Carter was very upset when he found out that Israel was breaking the terms of the sanction, but he didn't find out until much later that high-ranking Republicans, and probably Reagan himself, were also involved, although he suspected it.

"Extensive evidence now exists that [Israel's Prime Minister Menachem] Begin's preference for a Reagan victory led Israelis to join in a covert operation with Republicans to contact Iranian leaders behind Carter's back and delay release of the remaining 52 American hostages until after Reagan defeated Carter in November 1980.

In a little-noticed letter to the U.S. Congress, dated Dec. 17, 1992, Bani-Sadr said he first learned of the Republican hostage initiative in July 1980.

Bani-Sadr said the message from the Khomeini emissary was clear: the Reagan campaign was in league with pro-Republican elements of the CIA in an effort to undermine Carter and wanted Iran's help.

The emissary added that the Republicans "have enormous influence in the CIA," Bani-Sadr wrote. "Lastly, he told me my refusal of their offer would result in my elimination." [Bold mine]

In simple terms, the deal with Iran was that once in office, the Reagan Administration would find a way to sell Iran the arms they desperately needed for their war with Iraq - even though there was an arms embargo on Iran at the time - and to free up huge funds that Iran had in the US and other foreign countries.

In part, the deal cut with Iran opened the door to the Iran-Contra saga of 1985-86, which came close to derailing the Reagan Presidency.

So lets sum this up in one sentence: Republicans conspired to delay the freedom of 52 American citizens and government employees for more than a year, endangering their lives in the process, in order to win an election. This is the moral mentality of the people we're talking about in this document.


2000 Presidential Election

It's been fourteen years since the shameful & insulting fiasco of the 2000 Presidential election process involving the voting scandal in Florida. History will most likely record this as the first known illegal take-over of the White House. Dozens of people were involved, but most remember only a few names. Jeb Bush - George W's brother - was governor of Florida and Katherine Harris was Secretary of State. With her job as Secretary of State, Harris simultaneously co-chaired George W. Bush's Florida election campaign, served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, and took time off from her "day" job to go around the country stumping for Bush.

The end result of the Florida election was that Harris declared George W the winner by just a mere 536 votes (.009786%) over Democratic opponent Al Gore. Florida state election law didn't require the Secretary of State to order a statewide recount, not even in such a ridiculously tight election. But this article by The New York Times quoted a recount by the Miami Herald which said Gore would have won a flawless Florida election by 23,000 votes. Even if the Miami Herald was 90% wrong, Gore would still have won by more than 1500 votes.

Florida and the Katherine Harris Effect

After the election was over and the Supreme Court declared Bush as President, an investigation into the Florida voting was initiated. The investigation revealed that Choicepoint and Database Technologies, two companies (later combined into one company) hired by Katherine Harris's office to examine the legality of registered voters in Florida, had doctored the outcome. 57,700 legal voters were removed from the list and not allowed to vote. (Later, independent experts said most of those voters would have voted for Al Gore based on their party registration.)

Choicepoint said 8,000 of those Florida voters were felons, thus negating them as legal voters. But as it turned out, those 8,000 Florida voters had committed only misdemeanors, not felonies, which did not negate their voting eligibility.

There were several thousand more purged from the voting register simply because they had the same last name as convicted felons. Some were even purged because their personal computers had notes indicating they might commit a crime in the future.

When later confronted with these facts, Choicepoint admitted "I guess that's a little bit embarrassing in light of the election" [bold added]. But what did they care at that point? The crime had been committed, George W was President, and they were untouchable.

Remember, Bush won in Florida by only 536 votes.

It must be noted that Choicepoint and DBT were owned and managed by groups of individuals who were very, very strong Republican supporters, although they claimed to have told Florida officials that the list "was exactly what the state wanted". I'm sure it was.

In 2001, government computers in the office of Florida's top elections official, including Katherine Harris's, were found to contain documents endorsing George W. Bush's candidacy for president.

Katherine Harris was later asked about the voting scandal, to which she replied "Give voters a pencil and a piece of paper and they can do anything they like", referring to Democratic voters. When asked if she thought that meant Democrats were more stupid than Republicans, she didn't answer.

Earlier in her political career Harris was elected to the Florida Senate, but later lost her re-election bid because it was learned she had received illegal campaign donations. The feds found evidence that she had tried to hide those donations. It was after she lost her re-election to the Florida Senate that she was elected Secretary of State in spite of her past crimes. Then after her job as Florida Secretary of State she ran for and won a seat in the US House of Representatives in 2002 and was later identified as receiving illegal campaign contributions from defense contractor Mitchell J. Wade.

No record could be found as to whether or not she received any assistance from the Bush administration in her 2002 US House bid. But if so, was she "rewarded" again for her 2005 re-election bid by the Bush White House? Not hardly. Jeb Bush and Karl Rove refused to endorse her. The Republican Party also would not endorse her. Some say she lost the election because she was "Jilted". Today, although very wealthy and ostracized by her own family, she seems to have "faded" into history.

An interesting video satire called Grand Theft America kind of puts it all together. A more serious article with some very interesting facts can be found in The Un-elected President written in January 2001 by Harvey Wasserman. And the hyperlink above by the Washington Post gives a lot more insight.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of sites you can go to for info on Harris. Some are extremely biased against her, but others are legitimate and supported with actual facts. You can start here if you're interested.


2004 Presidential Campaign & Election

As pointed out above, George W. Bush won the Presidential election in 2000 due to illegal tactics employed by his own party & party members. By 2004, because of his performance during his first term, Bush had lost the support of millions who voted for him in 2000 (me being one of them). 59 newspapers that had backed Bush in 2000 endorsed John Kerry in 2004. The Republican Party was split on Bush with some very powerful names breaking off.

On a level playing field, Bush could never have won again in 2004. But since their 2000 tactics worked so well, and without repercussions, he and his party once again turned to illegal means, but this time it was coupled with a highly publicized immoral attack on their opponent. Although the latter worked very well at turning many voters, it appears it was mainly designed to distract attention away from their real plan to win the election. Illegal tactics and voter fraud were used in many states & abroad, but mainly in Ohio (discussed later). This new plan made the 2000 election theft in Florida look pale by comparison.

The immoral tactics used in 2004 were outright lies and deliberate political assassination. You already know the tactics & lies I'm referring to; John Kerry and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group. This group was formed in 2004 for the sole purpose of defeating the Democratic Party and Kerry. They were organized as part of the 527 political group, defined as "a group that is created primarily to influence the nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates for public office". They're a tax exempt group that is not regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC); therefore they are not limited on how much they can spend on a campaign.

No one has ever denied that the Swift Boat campaign played a large role in turning votes; but many applaud it as a means that justified the end. Although many voters really didn't want Bush back for 4 more years, they held their nose and voted for him anyway because they believed at the time the attacks on Kerry were true.

As for the Kerry smear campaign, it turned out there was not a speck of truth to the allegations, and the Bush inter-circle was exposed as being behind the attacks. Even John McCain questioned the ad and condemned it as "dishonest and dishonorable".

John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi were the founders of the Swift Boat Vets and had published a book on Kerry called "Unfit for Command". Now Corsi has written a book about Barack Obama in which many members of the Republican Party admit is full of lies.

Since so many Republicans found themselves tainted by the Kerry Swift Boat episode, they don't want the same thing to happen again, so I imagine that's the reason they are distancing themselves from Corsi and his latest book. Only one news outlet continues to bring up the book.

Just as the election of 2000 was exposed as "fixed" after that election, so was the 2004 election.

Turning to the voting fraud mention above, I will only summarize since there are dozens of legitimate web sites you can go to for verification; some are government sites. But I give you this one for starters, which covers most, if not all, of the irregularities. But the most impressive & scariest is the one published by Harpers Magazine called "None Dare Call It Stolen; Ohio, the election and America's servile press". This report will actually scare anyone out of their wits if they remember a precedence was set and it can be used by any political party; maybe next time not by your favored party. This report calls the 2004 election the "most unusual in US history with the strangest outcome".

The following is just a small sampling of the irregularities.

Practically every irregularity of the 2004 election helped George Bush and hurt John Kerry. Pollster Lou Harris was quoted as saying "Ohio was as dirty an election as America has ever seen".

The key suspect to voter fraud was in the exit polling.

In four states, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida and Ohio, the exit polls said Bush's odds of winning was less than 1 in 450,000, yet Bush won those four states. Exit polling in 30 states were so far off the mark that they couldn't be accounted for in the margin of errors, with 26 of those states favoring Bush.

Based on the exit polls, every single news organization, including Fox News, was reporting that John Kerry would win the presidency. None of them saw the slightest chance in hell of Bush winning. But he did. One report put it like this:

"----this ever-less-beloved president, this president who had united liberals and conservatives and nearly all the world against himself - this president somehow bested his opponent by 3,000,176 votes" [bold/underline added].

The same report asked "how did he do it?" to which the reply was:

"----to that most important question the commentariat, briskly prompted by Republicans, supplied an answer. 'Americans of faith - a silent majority heretofore unmoved by any other politician - had poured forth by the millions to vote "Yes!" for Jesus' buddy in the White House'".

What has amazed millions of Americans is the 2004 election fraud caught very little attention, especially in the main stream news media. By comparison to the 2000 election fraud, 2004 hardly seems destined to be anything more than a foot note in history. But the Republican disinformation war machine went into action before Election Day was even over. One report said:

"they were so effective with the news media that it was as if they were reporting from inside a forest fire without acknowledging the fire, except to keep insisting that there was no fire".

Most defenders just declared that since John Kerry had conceded there was no need for an investigation. But in Ohio, two election workers were charged, tried and sentenced for election rigging, and the judge said he believed the conspiracy went higher than just the workers.

Maybe we Americans are just too ashamed in our own eyes and the eyes of the world to acknowledge that we have become nothing less than a "third-world dictatorship" when it comes to elections. It's no wonder Bush and Cheney felt comfortable conducted themselves as they have without worry of being held accountable. But when there are immeasurable trillions of dollars to be made and ultimate power to be gained, nothing is beyond American politics.

The 2004 election may very well go down in history as the second known illegal take-over of the White House.

A very interesting book edited by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman entitled "Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election?" was written on the Ohio scandal. You should read the introduction.


2008 Presidential Election

A Party Gone Mad - Today's Republicans are Yesterday's Fascists:

"Growing up, I always wondered how an entire nation could go mad. I was thinking about Nazi Germany, and millions of good, decent Germans, seeming to lose their minds for Hitler and National Socialism and its repressive brutality. I never thought I was[sic] see it for myself. It would be a long time, I told myself, before a nation would lose itself again as Germany had in the 30s. Then came the 2008 elections and the Tea Party" [Bold added].

AMERICA - From Freedom To Fascism
(Full Length Documentary)


2012 Presidential Election

Who can forget Election Night in 2012? Especially if you were watching Fox News when they called the election for President Obama based on the Ohio results while Karl Rove was on air with them. Nobody on the face of the planet was as shocked than Rove. His reaction was described as a "meltdown". Clinically, Rove literally went into shock, and almost insisted that Fox retract the call. Why was that?

Having a great deal of experience at rigging elections, Rove "knew" in advance there was no way Ohio was going to Obama. He deeply believed he had done his job too well for that to happen. And when the results went against him, he was unable to accept it. Thus, his reaction on Fox News.

So if Rove (and others) had done his job to perfection, why did Mitt Romney lose Ohio? The strong rumor has it that Anonymous spoiled Ohio for Republicans.

About two weeks before the election, Anonymous released a video warning Karl Rove and his PAC, American Crossroads, that they were watching and if Rove and his group tried to rig the election through the electronic voting machines as they did in 2004, Anonymous would shut them down.

When the election was over, "a group calling themselves 'The Protectors,' believed to be comprised of Anonymous hackers, sent a letter to election transparency non-profit, Velvet Revolution, claiming to have thwarted attempts by GOP strategists to flip votes and rig the election in three swing states."

In part, the letter said:

"We coded and created, what we call, The Great Oz. A targeted password protected firewall that we tested and refined over the past weeks. We place this code on more than one of the digital tunnels and their destination's that Karl's not so smart worker bees planned to use on election night."

(You can find another report on the Anonymous claim here.)

UK Progressive, a British website, released a report a couple of weeks before the election detailing how they knew Republicans were rigging the 2012 election. Their conclusion boiled down to simple math produced by retired NSA analyst Michael Dunihot:

And mathematics showed changes in actual raw voting data that had no statistical correlation other than programmable computer fraud. This computer fraud resulted in votes being flipped from Democrat to Republican in every federal, senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial election since 2008 (thus far) and in the 2012 primary contests from other Republicans to Mitt Romney.

(The report makes some very compeling arguments. You should go over it carefully with interest.)

As pointed out in detail by E.J. Dionne Jr. - as well as many, many others - states controlled by Republicans across the country have enacted disenfranchising voting laws that unquestionably target non-Republican voters. By doing so, Republicans won't have to work so hard to come up with new ideas of how to rig elections. If they can achieve their goal by reducing the number of "qualified" Democratic voters to something less than Republican voters, then they are home free. No need for rigging elections anymore.


2014 Election

Since the 2014 election was about 3 weeks ago, not a lot has come out yet. However, there was some evidence of attempted election rigging.

North Carolina, a deep red state, did have some unusual voting maching events of flipping votes: "It was probably just one of those software malfunctions that for some reason always seems to favor Republicans."

Percy Bostick, 69, of Greensboro attempted to cast a ballot for Democrat Kay Hagan at the Old Guilford County Courthouse. The machine instead registered the vote for Republican opponent Thom Tillis. After four attempts, with assistance of a poll working, he moved to another machine and his vote was successfully recorded.

In Little Rock, Arkansas there was 12 reports of machines flipping votes. No report yet as to which Party was the beneficiary of the flipping, but being another red state, a wild guess would probably be pretty accurate.

Then there was the case of 40,000 registrations suddenly gone missing in Georgia - believe it or not, another red state. And the registrations were collected and delivered by a group who goes after Democratic voters. But, I'm sure that had nothing to do with the registrations missing.

The simple fact of the matter is that
the G.O.P. aims to paint the country red by rigging elections. (PDF Here)

And focusing everyone's attention on non-existant voter fraud
gives them a clear unobstructed path to that goal.

You may want to take a look at a companion document and it's links, as well as the rampart voter fraud by Democrats.

Also available is Allen Raymond's book on How To Rig An Election:

Allen Raymond joined the GOP for one reason: rumor had it that there was big money to be made on the Republican side of the aisle.

From the earliest days of the Republican Revolution through its culmination in the second Bush White House, Raymond played a key role in helping GOP candidates twist the truth beyond recognition during a decade of crucial and bitterly fought campaigns. His career took him from the nastiest of local elections in New Jersey backwaters through runs for Congress and the Senate and right up to a top management position in a bid for the presidency itself.

It also took him to prison.

Full of wit and candor, Raymond's account offers an astonishingly frank look at the black art of campaigning and the vagaries of the Republican establishment. Unlike many "architects" of the political scene, the author takes full responsibility for his actions -- even as he never misses a trick.

A completely original tale of the disillusioning of a man who enters politics with no illusions, How to Rig an Election is a brilliant and hilarious exposé of how the contemporary political game is really played.