“It’s Okay If You’re A Republican”

Damned Two-Faced Hypocrits

January 2017

Today is


What is IOKIYAR, you ask?

In 2004 GOP Raised Debt Ceiling by $800 Billion to Pay for Bush II Unfunded Health Care Costs
yet they refused to raise debt ceiling in 2013 unless Obamacare was delayed even though Obamacare would reduce national debt by $109 billion.


Politicians are, by nature, hypocrites. That is to say, they preach one thing while practicing another. Within, a few reconcile that terrible habit by telling themselves it’s best for the future of the country and citizens. While some actually believe their own lies, most silently admit that its only purpose is to conjure up support by convincing constituents that they, the politician, has the same values as their constituents. But today’s crop of politicians - especially the political right - has taken their hypocrisy to a new and very dangerous level.

In small circles it’s known as “IOKIYAR”: ‘It’s okay if you’re a Republican’; aka, damned two-faced, lying, back-stabbing hypocrites.

Republican politicians know their largest group of constituent’s - age 65 and older - have either a very short memory or are too stupid and ignorant to recognize them for what they are. Likely, it’s a combination of both given the IOKIYAR headlines just over the past 12 months.

But it’s not just politicians that have the deadly IOKIYAR disease. The conservative media and talking heads are, at times, much worse than politicians. However, they all have a common message: ‘Anything we do is perfectly okay and, as under any dictatorship, you will accept it; but when others do the same thing, you’re commanded to join us in admonishing them’.

GOP Hypocrisy

The following is a small sampling of the hundreds of IOKIYAR moments by Republicans over the past several years. They will never change; conservatives truly believe they should not be held to the same rules they apply to others.